In the Savane web interface

Become Superuser, then you'll get a textbox on the top of the vertical menu allowing you to enter a username and become that user for the session.

In the system


$ vserver vcs-noshell enter
# or
# $ vserver sftp enter
# ...
$ cat ~YOURLOGIN/.ssh/authorized_keys >> ~USERLOGIN/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Beware that each 'sv_users' cron job (vserver 'accounts') is overwriting 'authorized_keys' twice an hour!

History: Manually in Savane (do it via the admin feature now :))

Change the savannah password using MySQL (be5d95a4f10556292622619c7b40ca37 == savannah) - or anything of your choice passed to md5():

echo md5("savannah");
echo "\n";

MySQL command:

USE savane;
UPDATE user SET user_pw="be5d95a4f10556292622619c7b40ca37" WHERE user_name="username" AND user_id="userid";

Do not forget to save the encrypted password and set it back!