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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
#111067 Darwin OS versions & API version 2024-05-19
#111063 How to force ANSI C compiler parameters? 2024-05-08
#111055 AC_OPENMP fails with Apple Clang 2024-05-01
#111048 Add a syntax check to code snippets 2024-04-05
#111044 autoconf should assert existence of all subsidiary tools at startup Confirmed 2024-04-01
#111014 autoheader doesn't work with AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED 2024-01-31
#111007 autoconf 2.72 warning: file 'version.m4' included several times 2024-01-13
#110990 AS_IF / AC_CHECK_LIB generates invalid shell on editline-1.17.1 2023-12-23
#110989 Improve reliability of AT_MTIME_DELAY in test suite with a loop Confirmed 2023-12-22
#110986 "autoconf: forbidden tokens, basic" testsuite failure on some systems Need Info 2023-12-20
#110985 "Substitute and define special characters" test fails on NetBSD 9 Need Info 2023-12-20
#110983 AC_SYS_LARGEFILE doesn't honor AC_LANG setting Done 2023-12-19
#110982 Autotest: add some way to declare an expected failure halfway through the test Confirmed 2023-12-19
#110886 autoupdate produces broken Postponed 2023-06-15
#110852 autoconf 2.71 checking command to parse /usr/bin/nm -B output from gcc object Need Info 2023-03-11
#110612 Re-exec of $as_myself chooses wrong configure script from PATH Need Info 2022-02-19
#110573 AR_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(S) does not recognize shell vars nor absolute paths Need Info 2021-11-30
#110554 AC_CONFIG_HEADERS doesn't work properly for files with Windows line-endings In Progress 2021-10-21
#110537 AC_SEARCH_LIBS does not honor --with-sysroot= Need Info 2021-09-09
#110503 Autoconf 2.70 problem: gkt-doc/gtkdocize is now unconditionally required Confirmed 2021-06-01
#110497 "This script requires a shell more modern than all the shells I found" message should suggest something Need Info 2021-05-24
#110480 Generated configure script has errors Need Info 2021-05-03
#110478 support for slibtool ans optional replacement for GNU libtool Need Changes Elsewhere 2021-04-30
#110451 autoconf 2.71 generated configure file does not enable C compiler flag for C99 on Solaris 10 Confirmed 2021-02-27
#110448 AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIRS fails with Windows paths Need Info 2021-02-22
#110435 autoreconf: recognize when AM_ICONV is used without the rest of gettext Confirmed 2021-01-28
#110431 AC_INIT should accept shell variable expansion in its arguments Confirmed 2021-01-23
#110418 Unable to specify build and target perl in cross builds Need Info 2021-01-05
#110417 Do not generate a back up file when running autoreconf Need Changes Elsewhere 2021-01-05
#110416 documentation: ordering of basic macros? Confirmed 2021-01-04
#110395 Makefile generated from unqoute *FLAGS variable twice while ./configure script only once Need Info 2020-12-07
#110394 Support optional use of the C++ compiler in AC_PROG_CXX (and similarly for other languages) Confirmed 2020-12-06
#110382 Make confdefs.h idempotent vs compiler warnings Confirmed 2020-11-25
#110354 Parallel autotest produces mangled output on Solaris 10 Confirmed 2020-10-31
#110348 Simplify rules for when configure enters cross-compiling mode Need Info 2020-10-30
#110347 Revise documentation of when configure enters cross-compilation mode. Confirmed 2020-10-30
#110325 autoupdate introduces a second invocation of AC_OUTPUT Need Changes Elsewhere 2020-10-04
#110324 autoupdate does some nonsensical changes Need Info 2020-10-04
#110318 autoreconf: support libtoolize being named glibtoolize Confirmed 2020-09-24
#110317 Upstream: oe/autotest-automake-result-format.patch Need Info 2020-09-24
#110308 Upstream: yocto/autoreconf-exclude.patch Need Info 2020-09-07
#110307 Upstream: netbsd/patch-lib_autoconf_fortran.m4 Need Info 2020-09-07
#110300 configure >/dev/full does not fail promptly Confirmed 2020-08-28
#110298 "Substitute and define special characters" test fails on NetBSD Confirmed 2020-08-26
#110297 AC_PATH_PROG should accept a basename as an override Confirmed 2020-08-26
#110286 Make it possible to request a specific (non-latest) version of a language standard Confirmed 2020-07-27
#110266 Revert regression in Yacc support, and add Bison support In Progress 2020-07-14
#110212 Transform pkgdatadir using program-prefix and -suffix Postponed 2020-03-19
#109676 only one "checking whether the AC_LANG compiler works" Confirmed 2019-05-04
#108879 Add m4_forbid_pattern for autoconf-archive macros Confirmed 2015-09-09

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