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"Super-Project" for AVR-related projects This "Super-Project" acts as an umbrella-project for all AVR-related projects that are hosted on savannah. It does not perform any development of its own, but other public resources like mailing lists could be run here. non-GNU software and documentation
1337 Converter 1337 Converter converts text files into "1337" format. It's written in C/C++. non-GNU software and documentation
9box 9box aims to develop an application which can "pack" windows inside itself. This will allow to use applications as if they were in tabs. This behaviour is similar in spirit with konsole, but 9box will allow to pack windows from different applications. non-GNU software and documentation
A More Perfect Union A More Perfect Union (AMPU), is a project to create a functional cross-breed of both representational/direct democracy. Long-term goals are very ambitious. See the Homepage for more. non-GNU software and documentation
AVLDB - AVL DataBase library AVLDB is a multiuser multi-volume database library written in C. It possesses all usual database attributes, as locking, "undo", "redo", and BLOBs support. Strictly speaking, there is no indexing, or, there is no difference between indexes and data itself non-GNU software and documentation
BNF Parser Generator The BNF parser generator takes a syntax not unlike BNF and generates a "C" parser for it, a parser that can parse either strings or files. This is a flexible tool, ment for smaller parsing tasks where bison+flex are just to big to use. non-GNU software and documentation
catalog-display and order-taking tool a GPL version of the proprietary "tipjar vault," this project abstracts money into "in-store credit" which can be used to order products to be shipped. Relies on the AIS identity module. A clear API for defining payment methods. non-GNU software and documentation
Challenge JPEG Perl program which can be used in cgi forms to present a random "challenge/response" jpeg for use in preventing mass/automated form submissions (similar to what is seen on pages such as Yahoo and Paypal's sign-up forms). non-GNU software and documentation
Crust Display System Crust is a new display system for the GNU/Hurd platform. The major goals of the project is to create a display system that is user frendly, "nice to look at" and fast. non-GNU software and documentation
DNArchitect DNArchitect is a software program designed to automate and simplify analysis of molecular biology sequences. It will be similar to the popular closed-source program "DNA Strider" available on MacOS. non-GNU software and documentation
DUNAC (Dunac Users Need A Compiler) DUNAC is a didactic tool, that emulates a computer architecture similar to the Andrew Tanenbaum's MIC1 system (from the book "Structured Computer Organization - third edition"). It can be microprogrammed, and supports the Tenenbaum's MAC1 instruction set. non-GNU software and documentation
EastandWest A remake of the classical NES game "North & South" non-GNU software and documentation
fnkdat Fnkdat provides a platform independant interface for determining common directory names (e.g. "user directory", "config directory", etc...) for a given application. It's particularly well suited for games, but by no means limited to that use. non-GNU software and documentation
Former home page of Georg Greve The "GNU's Who" home page of Georg C. F. Greve (/people/greve/) [now essentially dead after the home page had to be moved off] portions
Free AVR ICE / GDB-Serializer This project is about creating a free interface between Linux(windoze?) and Atmel-Mega, and other uCs, to debug them "In Circuit". non-GNU software and documentation
Free Curriculum Project The Free Curriculum Project is an effort to create a complete curriculum and set of course materials that are "Free" in the GNU sense. non-GNU software and documentation
FreeHoo FreeHoo is a freely available GNU messenger for Yahoo! IM protocol. It is console based application with a geeky "readline" and "guile" interfaces. non-GNU software and documentation
FXScintilla FXScintilla is an implementation of the Scintilla widget for the FOX GUI toolkit. non-GNU software and documentation
GEMS Enterprise Messaging System GEMS is a replacement for the non-free software "MQ Series (now called WebSphere MQ)" sold by IBM. non-GNU software and documentation
GestionalePHP This project wants to create a Free GPL Managerial Software called "GestionalePHP", written in PHP. The advantages of this project will be the multiplatform environment, the Italian localization and all the liberty that the Free Software offers. non-GNU software and documentation
ginette "Ginette" help teenagers solving equations and linear systems. Education. Mathematics. non-GNU software and documentation
gnorms Gnorms is a game who try to copy the features of the commercial game "worms". non-GNU software and documentation
GNU Search "GNU Search" helps volunteers who want to maintain the htdig installation to work together for the search facility of portions
gSmokeFree - ex smoker's stats program Incentive providing application for smokers who have recently kicked the habit. non-GNU software and documentation
Improbable Mission A clone of the C64 game Impossible Mission, except with raytraced graphics, cool soundtrack and all the things you can do now when you've got memory to burn. "Another visitor! Stay awhile... staaaay forever!" non-GNU software and documentation

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