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Project Description Type
Una Introducción a Emacs Lisp en Español. This project is the translation into Spanish of the book An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp (Third Edition) by Robert J. Chassell. Traducción no-oficial del Manual GNU Programming in Emacs Lisp (Third Edition) al Español. non-GNU software and documentation
Esteban Esteban is a chatbot which speaks spanish. Esteban es un chatbot que habla español. Esteban é um chatbot que fala espanhol. non-GNU software and documentation
FSF Spanish translations project non-GNU software and documentation
GNU Spanish Translation Team Equipo de traductores al español de GNU. translation teams
GNUTranslators Team to Spanish portions
KasoVerb KasoVerb allows complete split-second conjugation of verbs in English, Spanish, and Italian--in any order. Twenty-two columns of verb-related information allow tense-related comparisons in any or all three languages non-GNU software and documentation
LenguaLibre (This package has been decommissioned.) LenguaLibre was born to create a Free Spanish Dictionary under the terms of the GFDL. Although its main language is spanish we will try to publish english documents so people can follow our work. Official GNU software
Magia DNI MagiaDNI is an Android application that uses the device's camera to read the OCR data on Spanish identity cards, calculates its check digit and displays it. non-GNU software and documentation
Minë A spanish middle-earth MUD game written in python non-GNU software and documentation
Spanish-German vocabulary list for ding ding-es-de is a Spanish-German translation dictionary for the free (GPL) dictionary lookup program ding by Frank Richter. non-GNU software and documentation
Sunlite for BitchX Sunlite is a BitchX script which features a translation of the environment into Spanish, Galego, English, Catala, Euskera, and Italian, color configuration with a theme manager (optional), hotkeys support, sound playing on events (optional), an MP3 player non-GNU software and documentation
Translation into spanish of Free as in Freedom by Sam Williams This project is the translation into spanish of the book Free as in Freedom by Sam Williams. Probably it will include some modifications to the text mainly due to Richard M. Stallman non-GNU software and documentation
Vulcano The GTK GUI Burner it a GTK GUI for burn CD con linux. Spanish: es una interfaz creada en la libreria GTK para el quemado de Cds. non-GNU software and documentation

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