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Guile Guile is Project GNU's extension language library. GNU Guile is an interpreter for Scheme, packaged as a library that you can link into your applications to give them their own scripting language. Official GNU software

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8sync 8sync (pronounced "eight-sync") is an asynchronous programming library for GNU Guile. It makes use of delimited continuations to avoid a mess of callbacks and result in clean, easy to read non-blocking code. Official GNU software
AstWar: 2D Space Shooter Astwar is a ncurses based game that features two little ships on each side of the screen shooting each other. The concept is simple but addictive. Planned features include network support and Scheme scripting via Guile. non-GNU software and documentation
Ball and Paddle Ball and Paddle is an extensible ball and paddle game that lets you script the events and attributes of the objects (balls, blocks, powerups, etc.) with GNU Guile, the official GNU extension language. Official GNU software
Bobot++ -- A Schemeable IRC Bot Bobot++ is an IRC Bot written in C++ that uses Guile to make it very extensible. non-GNU software and documentation
combine: Extensible File Matching and Filtering GNU Combine joins, rearranges fields in, reformats, and sometimes summarizes flat files or other data files. It is extensible with Guile, and doesn't need sorted files (if you have enough memory). Official GNU software
Cunning Bot An IRC bot written in Guile Scheme. non-GNU software and documentation
Emacsy Embeddable GNU Emacs-like library using Guile non-GNU software and documentation
FFTW bindings for Guile non-GNU software and documentation
FreeHoo FreeHoo is a freely available GNU messenger for Yahoo! IM protocol. It is console based application with a geeky "readline" and "guile" interfaces. non-GNU software and documentation
G-Wrap G-Wrap is a tool (and guile library) for generating function wrappers for inter-language calls. It currently only supports generating Guile wrappers for C functions. non-GNU software and documentation
GARBLE Guile/Ada Rich Binding for Language Extension non-GNU software and documentation
Gash: Guile as Shell POSIX-compatible shell written in Guile Scheme non-GNU software and documentation
GNU Artanis GNU Artanis is a web application framework(WAF) written in Guile Scheme. Official GNU software
GNU G-Golf GNU G-Golf (Gnome: (Guile Object Library for)) Official GNU software
GNU Guile-CV GNU Guile-CV a Computer Vision functional programming library for Guile Official GNU software
GNU Guile-RPC An ONC RPC implementation in Scheme for GNU Guile. Official GNU software
GNU Mcron 100% Vixie cron replacement written in pure Guile. As well as Vixie-style configuration files, mcron also accepts files written in scheme for infinite flexibility in specifying when jobs should run. Official GNU software
GNU Mes GNU Mes aims to help create full source bootstrapping for GNU/Linux systems such as GuixSD. It features a mutual self-hosting Scheme interpreter written in a simple C, and a Nyacc-based C compiler written in GNU Guile-compatible Sc Official GNU software
GNU Robots Program robots in scheme/guile to explore a maze and collect things to survive as long as possible. Official GNU software
GNU Thales GNU Thales has been decommissioned. GNU Thales is set of GNU Guile macroses to perform doctests. Official GNU software
Gtk+ language bindings for Guile guile-gtk has been decommissioned. See guile-gnome for current work. This project provides glue code to make Gtk+ accessible from Guile. It provides a convenient interface for Scheme programmers to develop graphical user interfaces. Official GNU software
Guile Guile is Project GNU's extension language library. GNU Guile is an interpreter for Scheme, packaged as a library that you can link into your applications to give them their own scripting language. Official GNU software
Guile AA Tree An AA tree implementation for guile scheme. non-GNU software and documentation
Guile and Readline framework guile-rl is a framework for starting a new project using guile and readline library. If you want to use guile or readline or both in your project then this framework is going to help you. non-GNU software and documentation
Guile bindings for libgccjit non-GNU software and documentation

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