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Education Historical education group. portions

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Chemeq chemeq is a basic standalone filter written in C language, flex and bison. It inputs strings like: 2H2 + O2 ---> 2 H2O and can outputs LaTeX code, useful messages and much more. It aims to be embeddable in education tools. non-GNU software and documentation
childsplay Childsplay is a collection of educational activities for young children and runs on Windows, OSX, and Linux. non-GNU software and documentation
Clarification 6502 Emulator This is a 6502 processor emulator project intended for educational purposes. The project consists of firstly building the core components of the processor and then move ahead to developing an assembler, a debugger and then a machine over it. non-GNU software and documentation
Digital Freedom for Education and Youth - North West GUG
Education Historical education group. portions
EducPlus The EducPlus project is a set of documentation and script for building static websites, in educational server, from XML files (DocBook). All documentations will be under GNU Free Documentation License. non-GNU software and documentation
educrypt Educational encryption tool non-GNU software and documentation
Fake C Standard Library flibc is an implementation of C Standard Library for educational purposes. The main objective of flibc is implementing C Standart Library functions and providing its source code as learning material for study in courses and research. non-GNU software and documentation
FĂ­sicaLab FĂ­sicaLab is an educational application to solve physics problems. This consist of a chalkboard and a palette of components. Official GNU software
Free Software Awareness through Education Free Software Awareness through Education (FSAE) is a grassroot level initiative to promote Free Software awareness in schools and colleges in the global south through peer to peer education programmes. non-GNU software and documentation
Free Software in Education The Free Software in Education project seeks to enable, advocate, and defend Free Software usage in schools from Kindergarten to university. Here are hosted software projects created as part of our efforts. non-GNU software and documentation
Free-Education-Mathematics-Cyprus A project promotimg the idea of *free curriculum* and *free textbooks* for Mathematics in Cyprus secondary education. That is *free as in freedom* for the *gnu-generation*! Content is in Greek with a summary in English. non-GNU software and documentation
GCompris : I Got IT GCompris is an educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational. Official GNU software
ginette "Ginette" help teenagers solving equations and linear systems. Education. Mathematics. non-GNU software and documentation
GNU Education portions
Graphical Turing Machine This program takes a certain file format for a Turing Machine and displays it running graphically to illustrate how a Turing Machine runs. It is meant to be fun and educational. non-GNU software and documentation
Project Metaphysical This project aims at providing a means to impart free education in all subjects under the sun from kindergarden to Phd level worldwide. It will be both web based and print based under the GNU / FSF Free as in Freedom Philosophy. non-GNU software and documentation
Tangomon Educational monster battling game non-GNU software and documentation
Tutoterm The Educational Terminal: a step-by-step tutorial and dynamic documentation display included into a terminal emulator. non-GNU software and documentation
TuxReader TuxReader is an educational tool to assist children learn how to read. It is written in C/C++ and uses the Festival Speech Synthesis system. non-GNU software and documentation
Web Oriented Resources Management The pu rpose of WORM is to help the generation of Web pages in a professional, educational or administrative environment. Based on XHTML/CSS, using PHP and XML, WORM is a cross platform project non-GNU software and documentation

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