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Item Id Item Summary Submitter Date
#64760 VM Make VM runnable on 32 bit systems petter 2023-10-07
#63633 SUNDIALS 6.5.0 requires C++14 mmuetzel 2023-01-09
#63493 ode15s unexpected error on stiff Van der Pol equation nrjank 2022-12-09
#62170 6.4.0 build failure because of Sundials None 2022-03-11
#61905 Build fails when using slibtool instead of GNU libtool mjo 2022-01-24
#61738 octave-6.4.0 fails to build with sundials-6.0.0 yurivict 2021-12-29
#60240 Jacobian for ode15s as matrix fails andreasstahel 2021-03-16
#60102 make check fails at sparse/bicgstab.m ernstreissner 2021-02-23
#60099 build from repository fails without cholmod ernstreissner 2021-02-22
#59985 WARNING: SUNDIALS NVECTOR serial library not found. The solvers ode15i and ode15s will be disabled. dbl001 2021-02-01
#59477 does not consider the number of arguments in the event function hg200 2020-11-17
#59416 ode15s produce results with inconsestance size when compared to other ode solver or matlab. None 2020-11-05
#59248 configure is still testing for a function (IDADense) which does not exists anymore in sundials None 2020-10-11
#59094 Possible integer overflow in mmuetzel 2020-09-10
#59063 Event Handling different between Ode-Solvers (especially ode15s) None 2020-09-04
#58795 ode15i and ode15s fail for Windows 32bit mmuetzel 2020-07-21
#58790 Octave closes unexpectedly when memory allocation fails (Windows 32bit executable) mmuetzel 2020-07-20
#57854 What's the status of sundials 5.1.0 IDADENSE and IDAKLU support in octave's 5.2.0 ? doronbehar 2020-02-18
#57309 ode23s removed from odepkg on BitBucket not in core Octave atcl 2019-11-26
#57186 [mxe-octave] Build error: cannot find the library 'libgui/' or unhandled argument 'libgui/' philipnienhuis 2019-11-07
#56007 Build error, probably caused by sundials configuration on Ubuntu 18.04 sha1 2019-03-27
#55956 build overlinks with SUNDIALS libraries even when HAVE_SUNDIALS is unset mtmiller 2019-03-19
#55950 building default with sundials 4.x fails to detect KLU in configure mtmiller 2019-03-18
#55937 building default with sundials 2.x fails in make, configure should disable sundials mtmiller 2019-03-16
#55927 stable doesn't build with sundials 3.2.1 for me arb 2019-03-15

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