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This software is part of the GNU Project.

GNU radius is a server for remote user authentication and accounting and a set of accompanying utilities.

Registration Date: Sun 25 Feb 2001 03:05:08 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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Radius 1.6.1 available
     posted by gray, Wed 17 Dec 2008 11:50:47 AM UTC

Radius 1.6.1 is available from This is a minor release that fixes compilation with gcc v. 4.3.0 and later. See this description, for more information.

Radius 1.6 released
     posted by gray, Sat 06 Dec 2008 04:59:09 PM UTC

Radius 1.6 is available for download from and its mirrors.

List of user-visible changes:

  • The syslog statement (file raddb/config)takes an optional 3rd argument specifying syslog tag to use

  • New attribute GNU-Server-Address
GNU Radius 1.5 released (GPLv3)
     posted by gray, Fri 29 Jun 2007 09:30:39 PM UTC

GNU Radius 1.5 was released today as a part of the release of the GNU General Public License version 3. This release is licensed under the GPLv3. Apart from this it contains several new features and bugfixes, see,
for the detailed list of these.

Radius 1.4 available
     posted by gray, Wed 29 Nov 2006 03:23:07 PM UTC

Radius 1.4 is available from and its mirrors worldwide.
This is a maintenance release in the 1.x series. The list of user-visible changes follows:

  • Hints are evaluated before verifying the user name validity.

  • New builtin functions in Rewrite language: time, strftime
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