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This project is part of the GNU Project.

When originally written this was Porting GCC for Dunces. The original work was a Hans Peter-Nilson's Thesis rewritten and made available for use by the general public.

The purpose of this document is to enable a person who has very limited experience to port existing hardware to GCC.

Although not the main thrust of free software (which is to maintain freedom), free software can also be used to provide a layer of stability for safety critical infrastructures that last decades after commercial support is no longer available for the hardware.

The original work consisted of the author porting GCC to the CRIS architecture when software support was no longer available.

However, with the advent of the soft-core, the need for a beginner's guide to porting to GCC is as important as ever.

Finally, freedom of software is not free, but must be maintained through not only vigilance, but through numbers, diversity and a well-educated software development community grounded in the knowledge of what it took for software to be free, and the motivations others have to erode that freedom.

This book is, and hopefully will continue to be, not only a porting how-to, but also a tool of empowerment to ensure we continue to keep the needed numbers of humans, diversity, and knowledge needed to ensure freedom in software.

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