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This group is related to webmastering. It's part of the GNU Project.

This project:
# Is unlike other projects on Savannah. You can make Tea or Coffee in it and  drink your favourite beverage from it.

# Takes a humerous look at the relationship between software and solid objects to give interesting ways to understand the GNU Philosophy

# Aims to make one, or a series of drinking vessels which promote the GNU philosophy in three ways:
1) To produce a good looking, useful piece of hardware utilising software libre which everyone can enjoy. This will encourage GNU-oriented thought and reflection both at and away from the computer screen.

2) To explore the GNU philosophy by making comparisons between this project, which is closely related to hardware, with pure software projects.

3) To raise funds for the GNU project. Each mug sold will raise important money for GNU and the promotion of the GNU project.

# Is designed to encourage design and wit from GNU hackers to make the product as hacker-friendly and interesting as possible

# Be very practical. Aims to be the best drinking vessel for use at a computer.

But remember.. Although this project Supports GNU and shares some things in common...

Mug's Unlike Gnu!!!!

To find out more about how Mug is Unlike GNU, please see the project home page. If you have any humerous or interesting thoughts or perspectives, or can provide designs or suggestions, please support the project.

Registration Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 08:43:22 PM UTC


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