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This software is part of the GNU Project.

The GURGLE program reads record and field information from a dBase3+ file, delimited ascii text file or from an SQL query to a RDBMS and produces a report listing. Although the program was originally designed to produce TeX/LaTeX formatted output, plain ascii text, troff, PostScript, HTML, XML, shell scripts or any other kind of ascii based output format can be produced just as easily.

The program is ideal for generating large bodies of text where small parts of that text are substituted with information from a database. So its great for generating mainly static web pages which have small amounts of dynamic content.

The formatting process is controlled by a definition file which holds the report, page, and record layouts, what fields to display, and where. Other useful functions supported in the definition file include sorting, filtering, and data manipulation of records in the databases.

Below is a summary of the main features of GURGLE.

  • Supports ASCII delimited text and dBase3+ databases
  • Supports GNUSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL and CA-Ingres databases
  • Multiple input databases or queries
  • Sorting of database records
  • Automatic banner placement at the start of each sorted group
  • Filters using regular expressions or user defined functions
  • Five main text bodies - header, footer, record, 1st page, and Nth page
  • User defined macros and text bodies
  • User defined functions on field contents, including conditionals
  • User configurable input parsing patterns (default is like awk)
  • Include files
  • Environment variables
  • System variables
  • Multiple file output
  • General purpose processing language
  • Optional GUILE support

Registration Date: Tue 09 Feb 2010 10:08:02 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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