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This software is part of the GNU Project.

GNU Gneural Network has been decommissioned.

The current version, 0.9.1, has the following features:
- A scripting language is available which allows users to define their own neural network without having to know anything about coding.
- Advanced programmers can use the methods/routines inside the code for their own purposes.
- When defining the neurons of a network, it is possible to choose among various discriminant and activation functions, etc.
- Different methods to train a neural network are available, such as genetic algorithms, multi-scale Monte Carlo optimizers, simulated annealing, and others.
- Several training methods can run in parallel on clusters.
- Neural networks can be saved once trained for later use.
- The code is truly cross platform since it is entirely developed in C and does not depend on any external library.
The network can now learn tasks defined by the user. An example of script defining a simple network which fits a curve is given. We plan to deliver more advanced features very soon. In particular, we are already spending efforts to implement recurrent networks. We also plan to implement learning reinforcement techniques and apply Gneural Network for deep learning applications. We will release the data along with the trained network.

Registration Date: Fri 11 Mar 2016 05:52:56 AM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 9 - Decommissioned


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