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Operating Systems Development
Programmer Interface Design
Data Base and File Management Systems
Standards Development and Implementation
Network Management
Software Configuration Management

Bachelors in Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley

Professional Experience

UNIX Kernel Architect
Veritas (Symantec) Software, Mt. View, CA  2001-December 2005
o  Added check sums and variable sized protocol headers for an internal
   "Low Latency" clustering protocol
o  Designed and managed the implementation of an abstract DKI for
   various Veritas drivers.  (Sun DKI based)
o  Designed a clean method of building products so each project
   merely needed to describe their sources and what needed to be built.
o  Learned the internal workings of the Veritas clustering software
   by fixing a lot of bugs.
o  Taught people how to use CVS to stabilize source without delaying
   ongoing work unnecessarily.
o  Convinced POSIX to change SIGCHLD handling spec for exec(2)
o  Designed a workaround for a hardware bug in Apple's G4 enet
o  Designed and implemented uniform network event management

UNIX Kernel Engineer
Santa Cruz Operations, Santa Cruz,  CA  2000
o  Added tracing capabilities to system installation code
o  Added data delays to Kernel timing loops for thermal
   issues with new Intel CPUs.

Network and Software Management Engineer
DDS, Inc., Santa Clara, CA              1996-1999
o  Debugged and enhanced the functionality of NFS for Tandem NonStop.
o  Designed and developed a TNS server process that emulated
   a PC DBMS using RPC.
o  Translated 200,000 lines of Tandem TAL into Tandem C code
   (using a translation aide, not quite a translator).
o  Debugged and enhanced the DDS SCM tool, RMS.
UNIX OS Engineer/Software Project Manager
Microport, Scotts Valley, CA 1994-1996
o  Managed a group of 4 UNIX Kernel and Application engineers
   on various projects.
o  Ported UnixWare 2.1 to the Unisys U6000/65 platform.
o  Ported Syntax Corp. Net BEUI drivers to UnixWare 2.1.
o  Resolved kernel level problems for AT&T/Lucent Technologies'
   voice messaging system.  Sent fixes to USG in Summit, NJ.
o  Designed and developed macros for facilitating the development
   and consistency of HTML and CGI programs.
o  Created dynamically generated web pages utilizing Ingres RDBMS,
   C, Perl and ksh programs.

UNIX OS Engineer
Unisys UNIX Systems Group, San Jose, CA 1992-1994
o  Designed and developed an integrated distributed system
   event generation and delivery mechanism that was language
   independent, could be invoked at interrupt level on an SMP
   system, and could deliver the events to remote event handlers.
o  Designed and developed source maintenance procedures for
   maintaining and distributing software under development
   at four widely separated sites.
o  Designed and developed tools for automating the analysis
   of kernel memory (kdb analysis).
o  Designed and developed C++ methods for several SVR4/Chorus
   micro-kernel objects.

Network Management Engineer
Tandem Computers, Cupertino, CA 1987-1992
o  Designed an Object Oriented approach to phasing out
   the procedural code in the System Services Control Process
   (SSCP) for Tandem's SNA product.
o  Devised methods for encapsulating the existing code and
   utilize it as methods for the hierarchy of objects defined
   for the new environment.
o  Redesigned the methods for handling SSCP configuration data.
   These designs were used for the actual implementation.
o  Developed standards for message based Software Programmatic
   Interfaces (SPI) to Tandem communications subsystems.
o  Implemented SPI for Tandem's SNA product.
o  Evaluated and critiqued exception event management proposals.
o  Wrote a server process to validate access rights and direct
   SPI commands to the correct data communication processes.


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