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Noteworthy changes in release 2011.09.17

Item posted by Peter Simons <simons> on Sat 17 Sep 2011 02:58:06 PM UTC.

AX_LIB_MYSQLCPPCONN has been added, a macro that tests for the MySQL Connector/C++ libraries. See <> for further details.

AX_LIB_TRACE has been added, a macro that tests for the libtrace libraries. See <> for further details.

AX_FUNC_FORK and AX_SNPRINTF_OFLOW have been marked obsolete, because there are superior alternatives.

AX_DEFINE_DIR has been marked obsolete because its design does not comply with the GNU Coding Standards.

Modified AX_LIB_SQLITE3 to find the library using the C instead of the C++ compiler. See <> for further details.

AX_CHECK_GL, AX_CHECK_GLU, AX_CHECK_GLUT have been marked obsolete. The author of these macros prefers to publish them on his own website at <>.

AX_CHECK_MYSQL has been significantly re-factored to fix several bugs. See <> for further details.

New additions AX_PERL_EXT and AX_RUBY_EXT can be used to fetch the linker flags and C compiler flags for compiling and linking Perl/Ruby binary extensions.

AX_LIB_HDF5 erroneously defined HAVE_HDF5 even when the library was not detected. This has been fixed.

Autoconf 2.68 warnings concerning AX_PTHREAD haven been fixed.

AX_WITH_CURSES has been extensively re-written, and the new variants AX_WITH_CURSES_PANEL, AX_WITH_CURSES_MENU, and AX_WITH_CURSES_FORM have been added. See <> for further details.

AX_GCC_INSTALL_DIR, AX_GCC_LIBRARIES_DIR, AX_GCC_VERSION, and AX_GXX_VERSION are non-functional and have been marked obsolete, because they depend on the obsolete AX_GCC_OPTION macro, which has been removed from the archive.

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