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GNU Libtool 2.2.8 released (stable).

Item posted by Gary V. Vaughan <gary> on Tue 08 Jun 2010 03:30:58 AM UTC.


The Libtool Team is pleased to announce the 2.2.8 release of GNU Libtool.

GNU Libtool hides the complexity of using shared libraries behind a
consistent, portable interface. GNU Libtool ships with GNU libltdl, which
hides the complexity of loading dynamic runtime libraries (modules) behind
a consistent, portable interface.

Here are the compressed sources: (2.3MB) (772KB)

Here are the diffs against libtool 2.2.6a: (2.3MB)

Here are the GPG detached signatures[1]: (4.0KB) (4.0KB) (4.0KB)

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 checksums[2]:

  cad2a7188242bc8dbab0645532ae3d6f          libtool-2.2.8.tar.gz
  0aec086ee0cf01bb029701c20c0a0741          libtool-2.2.8.tar.lzma
  be24f49690f0ed669b47d1c4d9b815e6          libtool-2.2.6a-2.2.8.diff.gz
  e0fd6f9d39c81c2da8b548411c74a46c24442abf  libtool-2.2.8.tar.gz
  e160056cab3b0d31db6c929f12ddd4a77e2a024d  libtool-2.2.8.tar.lzma
  c0ad48a14e7413316ad05eaddf31048548437dbc  libtool-2.2.6a-2.2.8.diff.gz

To reduce load on the main server, please one of the mirrors listed at:

[1] You can use the above signature files to verify that the
    corresponding file (without the .sig suffix) is the same
    file that was released by the owner of it's GPG key ID.
    First be sure to download both the .sig file and the
    corresponding file. Then run a cammand like this:

      gpg --verify libtool-2.2.8.tar.gz.sig

    If that command fails because you don't have the required
    public key, then run this command to import it:

      gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 2983D606

    and rerun the `gpg --verify' command.

[2] You can use either of the above checksum files to verify
    that the corresponding file is complete and correct. To
    confirm that the file you downloaded has a checksum that
    matches the release note, compare it against the output
    one of the following commands:

      md5sum libtool-2.2.8.tar.gz
      shasum libtool-2.2.8.tar.gz

    (the name of the command sometimes varies between
    different operating systems).

New in 2.2.8 2010-06-05:

  - Libtool ships and installs man pages for libtool and libtoolize now.
  - New libtool command line flag --help-all.
  - New libtool command line flag --no-silent (with alternate spelling
    --no-quiet). This flag (re)enables the default informational messages,
    but has no effect on so-called "verbose" output messages.
  - New libtool command line flag --no-verbose, which disables only
    the extra "verbose" output messages and has no effect on the
    default informational messages.
  - New convenience make targets `check-noninteractive' to avoid long testsuite
    runs on Windows with popup windows in the middle, and `check-interactive'
    for the complement set of tests.
  - New link mode flag -bindir to specify the location for installed PE DLLs.
  - Wrapper scripts and wrapper executables for programs linked against
    uninstalled shared libraries now support command-line options --lt-debug
    and --lt-dump-script.

  - The wrapper command line option support described above introduces the
    following incompatibility: the wrapper will remove any command line
    options that begin with '--lt-*' from the argument list before launching
    (uninstalled) programs. Any '--lt-*' option on the command line not
    recognized by the wrapper will result in an error.

  - Improved support for 64bit Windows (mingw64).
  - Improved support for cegcc (Windows CE/PocketPC).
  - Support for GNU/kOpenSolaris (kopensolaris*-gnu).
  - Initial support for compilers on BlueGene BG/L.
  - Improved support for Atari FreeMiNT.
  - With binutils 2.19.50+, shared libraries can be built on AIX.
  - Initial support for the Cuda Compiler Driver on GNU/Linux.
  - Support for Haiku (i586-pc-haiku).

  - Fix 2.2.6 regression that prevented using the libltdl macros together
    with Autoconf 2.59 (`possibly undefined macro: LT_LIBEXT').
  - Fix 2.2.4 regression that caused arguments with special characters
    to be mangled by the compile wrapper for uninstalled programs on MinGW.
  - libtool command line flag --verbose now also enables explicit
    verbose output, in addition to its previous behavior of (re)enabling
    only the default informational output. See New Features, --no-silent.
  - Link tests are guarded by cache variables so they can be avoided for
    bootstrapping purposes (e.g., when link tests are not possible).
  - Argument mangling of execute mode has been improved (i.e., lessened).
  - Fix 2.1b regression that caused nm to not be the default name lister.
    The regression affected mainly (arguably broken) cross compiles.
  - Fix long standing bug that caused compiler checks for Fortran and
    C++ compilers to run twice.
  - Link mode works around a parallel build failure on Darwin 9.6.0 due
    to the `ar' `flock'ing an archive upon extraction, by protecting the
    extraction of convenience archives with a lock.
  - The Libtool macro files do not contain instances of _oline_ any more,
    easing merges for configure scripts that are added to version control.
  - Fix ancient bug where "-Wc," was turned into "$wl" (typically "-Wl,")
    when using the compiler driver to link programs. Now "-Wc," is stripped
    just as it is when linking libraries through the compiler driver.
  - Symbol versioning works with the GNU gold linker now.
  - Fixes for detection of shared library dependencies on MinGW systems.
  - Fixed Sun compiler detection on Solaris with sunCC, sunf77 etc. names.

  - The manual is distributed under the terms of the GNU FDL 1.3 now.


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