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New version coming soon...

Item posted by Arun Persaud <apersaud> on Sat 23 May 2009 02:05:36 AM UTC.

It's been a while since a new version of Xboard/Winboard has been officially released. In the meantime a fork of the source code had been created (of 4.2.7) and Alessandro Scotti and H.G. Muller released several new versions of Xboard/Winboard (which they called winboard_x and 4.3.x). At the moment H.G. and myself (H.G. is really doing all the work here) are working on getting those changes back into Savannah which will then lead to a new version: 4.4.0 with tons of new features...

The source code for what will become version 4.4.0 will be up on Savannah shortly at which point beta-testers are welcome ;)

After 4.4.0, work will continue on Xboard/Winboard: There are several new features which we are thinking about and we are also planning on changing to gtk+ to combine xboard and winboard into one application with a unified interface.

Comments and code are welcome.

Watch this space for new updates!


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