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Announcing the release of XBoard and WinBoard, version 4.2.7

Item posted by Tim Mann <mann> on Fri 28 Nov 2003 10:45:56 PM UTC.

A new release of both XBoard and WinBoard is now available.  Version
4.2.7 corrects about two dozen bugs in the 4.2.6 release.  See the
ChangeLog for a list.  In addition, WinBoard 4.2.7 comes bundled with
GNU Chess 5.07 instead of the old 5.02+ version.  The XBoard and
WinBoard source code trees have been merged, so the xboard download
now contains the complete source for both.
The various larger contributions that people have submitted since the
4.2.6 release are not yet included in 4.2.7.  The source code for
these contributions is now available, however (see, and we plan to include most
of them in a future release once the contributors complete necessary
copyright assignment paperwork.
You can get both XBoard and WinBoard from either our new Savannah
project pages or their existing pages on Tim Mann's web site:
Most of the known bugs and deficiencies in previous versions have
not been addressed in this release.  It is not necessary to report
your favorite bug again if you have reported it before, unless the
ChangeLog erroneously says it has been fixed.  Most known bugs,
deficiencies, and suggestions received are now listed in the ToDo
file.  If you find a bug not listed there, please report it in the bug
tracker at or by email to
bug-xboard [AT]

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