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Happy 20th Birthday GNU CTT

Item posted by Wensheng XIE <wxie> on Sat 28 May 2022 02:56:37 AM UTC.

20 Year ago, May the 28th, GNU Chinese Translators Team was registered at Savannah.

I joined the project from Help GNU. My original intention was to support this project and maybe help myself to understand more of GNU. At that time it was only me who worked actively in translating the GNU web pages into Simplified Chinese. I had even had to approve my own translation which was not the correct approach. I really wanted some other people to join the project like the project creators, and I started to really understand that to be a volunteer in a Free Software project means to be persistent and stubborn.

Gradually we had some newcomers joining the project, like hagb, hahawang, psiace, shankangke, shi, wind, etc. I am very excited whenever there is a newcomer because I know I am the person to let them know the project and I am the person to encourage them contributing their time and talent in this project.

Today, the translation project is going on smoothly. Our progress is often at the top list of all language teams. Thanks to all the Translators. Well, there is still a long way to go because our goal is not only to translate the articles, but also to promote the idea of Free Software for its care of computer users and the community. I do wish our effort is a progressive forward step toward a world where all software is free as in freedom.

Today, GNU CTT is just 20-year young. It is still a baby who need care from all of us. Let's work together to grow it stronger.

Dear Translators, dear free software lovers, dear friends, please light your candles, please wish your wish, please make your contribution to let the world be brighter.

Happy 20th Birthday, GNU CTT.

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