Markup Reminder and Test

This page describes Savane markup language for formatting text you post in items or item comments. You can test it below.

Tag Scope

Every markup element except 'verbatim' and 'nomarkup' blocks should fit in a single line.  For example, this text isn't converted in two lines of italics:

_First line
Second line_

Basic Markup

Basic Markup tags are available almost everywhere. Multiple subsequent spaces and newlines are collapsed in Basic markup into single spaces. In Rich and Full markup, they are preserved.

bold markup is:


italic markup is:


URLs are transformed to links, additionally you can give them a title:
[http://url Title]

Also, these texts are made links to comments (within the same item), tracker items and files:

comment #51
bug #1419857
task #289
sr #4913 support #4913
patch #119
file #83521

Links to files whose names end in '.png', '.jpg', '.jpeg' (case-insensitive) are converted to HTML images, the surrounding parentheses and commas (if any) are removed:

(file #47102)

You can add the 'alt' attribute within the parentheses:

(file #47102 Flying GNU)

Rich Markup

Rich Markup tags are available in comments.

Unnumbered list markup is:

* item 1
* item 2
** item 2 subitem 1
** item 2 subitem 2
* item 3

Numbered list markup is:

0 item 1
00 item 1 subitem 1
0 item 2

Horizontal ruler markup is:


Verbatim markup (useful for code bits) is:

seconds = 3600 * days * 24;
_printf (_("Enter something:"));

The starting and ending verbatim marks take whole lines; the rest text that may be on the same lines is ignored.

The other tag that disables the markup is:


Unlike the verbatim tag, it produces no text block and can apply to arbitrary parts of texts.

Lines starting with ">" are highlighted as quotes:

> Quoted line.

Full Markup (Heading Tags)

Heading tags are available in rare places like item original submissions, news items, project description and user's resume. First level heading markup is:

= Title =

Second level heading markup is:

== Subtitle ==

Third level heading markup is:

=== Subsubtitle ===

Fourth level heading markup is:

==== Subsubsubtitle ====

Test Markup

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