ZWiki/Zope is no longer used; see HowToAdminThisWiki.

One of the main issues with ZWiki is that if Zope gets corrupted for a reason or another (e.g. playing with the SiteRoot module and locking up the administration area...), there's no apparent way to get our data back.

Useful commands:

  • backup (automatically switches to incremental mode if possible, unless --full - check /etc/cron.d/zope_backup):

     PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/zope2.9/lib/python /usr/lib/zope2.9/bin/ --backup --file=/var/lib/zope2.9/instance/default/var/Data.fs --repository=/root/zope
  • dump (doesn't work):

     PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/zope/lib/python /usr/lib/zope/utilities/ZODBTools/ -????

Relevant documentation:

Following a discussion at #zwiki in january 2006, and advices from d2m and sm, it can be exported through:

  • Zope's internal FTP server (TODO)
  • XML export (TODO)
  • .../AnyPageName/pageIds gives a list of pages in Python tuple form, and .../PageName/src gives the source. A simple script should do it.


other options --simon, Tue, 01 May 2007 18:31:45 +0000 reply
You could also export just the wiki folders, optionally in xml, perhaps nightly. Or use zsyncer to replicate to another zope. Or use wget to crawl all the Page/text urls and just save the raw text. Or install DirectoryStorage to store the zodb as text files at the cost of some speed.