Logging in Savannah

The log-in mechanism used in these webpages is a way to control access for people who work in groups hosted in this site. When developers log in, they are conducted to personal pages that list their groups and pending tasks.

If you are not a developer, logging in will help maintain the notifications for the tracker items you work on, even when you are not a member of that group.

If you want to register a package of your own to be hosted in this site, you must first log in, because every group must have at least one administrator and Savane need to know your account to make you the administrator of the group.

In order to log in, you must be registered (using "New User" in the menu) and give your user name and passphrase selected during your registration. Please keep in mind that this user name will be used also to give you the write access to the CVS repositories and download areas of the groups you are member of, but the web passphrase will not grant you access to those services. To get access to those services you register public SSH keys for your account (after you log in, visit the "My Account Conf" item in the sidebar menu and follow the "Register an SSH public key" link).

If you lost your passphrase, read how to recover passphrase.