If you want to import your existing SVN repository at Savannah (preserving all history):

  • Prepare a dump (see below):

    svnadmin dump myproject-svn/ | bzip2 > myproject-dump.bz2
  • Upload it at Savannah (using your download area at download.savannah.gnu.org or download.savannah.nongnu.org):

    scp myproject-dump.bz2 mylogin@dl.sv.gnu.org:/srv/download/myproject/

    Or anywhere else that is convenient.

  • Enable SVN for your project (in Main -> Select Features from your project page)

  • Post a support request and specify where your dump was uploaded:


The Savannah Hackers will then import it on the system (Savannah hackers: see AdminSvnImport)

Do not send a tar.gz of your SVN repository. Using a dump is important because it's independent of the subversion release.

Note: if you just want to upload your initial source code, not your whole project history, just use svn add and commit.