Commit Email

For users: please submit a support request, including the project name and the email address to send commits to.

For admins: there is a script vcs0:/usr/local/bin/svn-commit-email to create the (boilerplate) post-commit hook.


SVK add a distributed layer on top of SVN. You can find an introduction and an example at SavaneSvkBranch. SVK is a Perl tool built on top of SVN, and provides, among others, distributed features. It doesn't need a custom server, it just uses the SVN one, which sounds quite good. It's darn slow.


SVK provides the -S option to GPG-sign commits. A simple direct SVK mirror could do the trick to seamlessly sign commits. However, http://svk.elixus.org/?SVKSucks says:

svk signature is appended after the commit is done. this sucks because you cannot check the signature before accepting the commit on the server side.
This also sucks because it leads to complex scripting and race condition on the server side, if you verify signatures.

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