Mailing Lists

  • Important discussions: As a Savannah Hacker, be sure to read them and be responsive (do not store them in a separate mailbox.) The lists are also open to non-subscribers, like almost all others.

    • immediate security issues.
  • Support requests by Savannah users

    • Really by aliasing. (savannah-hackers was not renamed so that archive URLs stay valid.)
    • user confidential requests only.
  • Group approvals

    • no private list.
  • Reports

    • cron jobs, system checks and other programs' output.
    • changes on this wiki.
    • Mailman cron jobs at
  • Non-admin lists

    • - announcement list. Front page news items are automatically sent here. Check SavannahAnnounce.
    • User discussion of using Savannah.

Public / private

As a general guideline we use public lists as much as possible (searchable archives, transparency...) Private lists are provided for users who wish to communicate about confidential matters, or when the Savannah Hackers need a private discussion (immediate security issue.)

Carbon copy

Try to keep the carbon-copy list intact when you reply to emails, unless you think this is needed (in which case, explain briefly why and who you added/removed from Cc: list.)

Spam and moderation

Users do not receive notification when their message is being held, so as to prevent "backscatter" spam. All non-spam posts are accepted - there is no "moderation."

Other information

Check for more information.

ToDo: Check /com/mailer/aliases and clean-up savannah-related stuff, including savannah-compromise and savannah-daily-reports

ToDo: deal with savannah-compromise, an alias of sv-root. We could move it to sv-ha-priv, after checking the archive at fencepost.


root, postmaster, hostmaster, admin, and webmaster for both and point to savannah-hackers-private.

Useful for, e.g. that uses those addresses to reach a domain owner.


#savannah on is a real-time medium meant to synchronize each other when working at the same time.

  • Remember that #savannah is a public channel and that support requests should generally be submitted via our support request system. (
  • Only a subset of volunteers hang out in the IRC channel. Treat it as opportunistic communication. The mailing list will reliably reach the Savannah Hackers group.


Savannah's ChangeLog is monitored by diffmon and sent to savannah-hackers-private The one at isn't.

Old stuff

savannah-root was once used as an alias for root@sv, hosted private discussions, and received savannah-compromise. List is now closed. was an FSF list for people interested in helping with the issues that may affect Savannah. The point is that both FSF employees and Savannah volunteers can (and do) subscribe to this list. This list is open to GNU maintainers. The archives only show activity in 2010 and a single message in 2011.