Renaming a group

This manipulation isn't supported by Savane, and isn't simple to
implement safely.  Once the group is approved, it's better not
rename it; an alternative could be creating a new group with
the required name.

We here provide a Savannah-specific solution as a work-around. The idea is to run ~/maintenance/ However, since it's a kludgy script, you're supposed to understand how Savannah works before using it, just in case. If you don't, ask someone who does. Hopefully someone does.

The last line of output from the script shows a curl invocation. You should run that by hand, with the appropriate "gnu" or "non-gnu" argument, as shown.

Also, some parts can't be managed by Savane directly, namely the web pages and the mailing lists. Hence the script doesn't do anything for those. Some details:

Web pages

You must explicitly ask sysadmin to rename or Nothing automatically removes the old web pages otherwise, so the result is accumulating cruft.

Mailing lists

See the section "Renaming a mailing list" in ListServer.


For the sake of example, this is some (not all) of what the script does.

Rename the group in the database:

Change the system group name, so that Savane doesn't create a new group:

  • Change /vservers/accounts/etc/group

Rename group folders, namely cvs/svn/arch/git/hg/bzr/download.

Etc... good luck ...