Renaming accounts

As a superuser, visit /user/user_name; follow the "Edit User" link.


[We need to define a policy about whether it is OK to rename accounts. Since accounts can be removed and then recreated under a different user name, I guess it is OK. Something like a redirection, or a way for Savane to say "this user Y was called X previously between 2005-01-01 and 2006-02-03"]

We could also change the group CVS files to change the user name associated with each change. Is there a CVS command to do that and is it pertinent?

Karl writes in this recent discussion (

Current Status

At this time it seems that renaming of accounts is okay to do. We have renamed several accounts. The world continues. And as noted previously accounts could always have been removed and recreated under different names creating the same effect. --rwp, 2020-05-01

The previously scripts have bit rot to the point that they are no longer applicable. Don't use them if you find them.

Also, the procedure isn't trivial, so please don't run updates in the database manually. Use the Edit user page in Savannah superuser's web interface.