Moving from non-GNU to GNU (for savannah administrators):

  • Change project type for the Savane project.

    This is in the left-hand menu, Site Administration / Main Page -> Browse Groups List. Change to GNU and hit the update button. Do not use the icons at the top (check mark and wrench+screwdriver).

  • FTP uploads to & are done by the maintainer.

    Contact is, maintainers should follow

  • Project admins should change their download area to or

    The change is made by editing the download http:/https: address in Main > Administer > Select Features from the project page. It's just a matter of pointing to the right location, no system action is done (no cron jobs, etc.).

    GNU projects have access to the Savannah download area, but ordinarily shouldn't use it.

  • Launch a curl to update -- the appropriate command from mgt0:/opt/administration/curl.txt.

    This will also automatically create a redirection from to It works via a web service at maintained by GNU sysadmin.

  • Mailing lists: check ListServer for non-gnu to gnu list migration.