(No) Monotone at Savannah

(There are no request to support monotone and thus no plans to do so. --2015)

Monotone now probably can be used for mass hosting:

  • ssh support (read/write) - since 0.27/2006-06
  • multi-database server (read) - since 0.23/2005-09

Technically, usher can be used for write access, but does not support privileges separation (one uid must have write access to all repos).


A discussion about supporting montone at Savannah on the monotone-devel list (hosted by Savannah :)).

Monotone proselitism ;) by Chad Walstrom.

More general discussion about supporting new services.

Rejected ideas

  • usher + setuid wrapper for 'mtn server': I think the authentication is performed after mtn server is started
  • forward connection to a running server: we can't afford to let 2500 servers (one per project) always running in the background