Manually changing email addresses

Log into the Savannah web interface. "Become Superuser". Go to /user/user_name. "Edit User". Change the email using the provided form.


Bradley Kuhn says:

     I suggest that we follow this procedure:

        * Send a message to the address on file, and see if it bounces.
          If it doesn't bounce, then we must ask the original user
          why, and decide what to do on a case by case basis.  We
          should be EXTREMELY reluctant - if not outright REFUSE - to
          change an email address if the one on file does not bounce.

        * If the mail does bounce, we should ask the user if they can
          produce any evidence that they once had that email address.
          The best evidence would be a GPG-signed message that is
          signed with a key that has both their old and new email
          address on it, and that the GPG key be available from a
          well-known public keyserver.  While this could be forged, it
          would be substantial work to do so and could easily get

          (Note, this is why I say the key much be on a public
          keyserver.  Even if they forge the key to refer to email
          addresses they don't control (i.e., generate a key that
          includes bogus info), putting on a public key server could
          likely flag the real owner of the email address.)

        * If they cannot use the GPG solution, I suppose we should
          accept any plausible explanation for why their old email
          address is bouncing (e.g., changed ISP).  If someone truly
          wants to social engineer their way into commit access on a
          project, they can likely do it.  We can't beat it; we can
          just make it some effort to succeed in such social

In the News References

I wanted some place to reference some case studies about why social engineering attacks against users for identity theft is a serious problem. This seemed like the most appropriate location. This applies not only to changing email addresses but also changing passwords. We must be careful.