Hosts of the GNU Project

  • savannah: hosting Savane webui & trackers, VCSs (cvs, svn, git, hg, bzr - anonymous, shell and web accesses), downloads (http & scp) - cf. SavannahArchitecture
  • savannah-backup: Savannah daily backup (accesses LVM snapshots for consistency); DNS server for and
  • web server "nadesico":,; hourly cron job that updates all /web CVS repositories; '' CGI script that triggers the initial checkout, called once with curl from Savannah (IP-restricted) at project creation time.
  • lists: mailing lists (Mailman, MHArc), ftp access to mbox files; Fedora FC2
  • ftp "ironforge": HTTP and FTP access to releases; old changesets from post-crack can be found there
  • alpha: (same machine than access to non-final GNU releases
  • fencepost: shell access for GNU stakeholders; personal accounts (APOP access, or redirections in /com/mail/aliases)
  • monitoring (terminus-est/klaxon?): monitoring; Savannah gets basic ping/ssh/snmp monitoring


  • monty-python: previous host for mailing lists, now may be part of the mail system