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FreeIPMI 0.8.9 Released

Item posted by Albert Chu <chu11> on Fri 20 Aug 2010 08:54:35 PM UTC.

FreeIPMI 0.8.9 - 08/20/10
o In ipmi-sel and ipmimonitoring, workaround Supermicro H8QME SEL
  compliance issues in ipmi-sel.
o In ipmi-sel, do not report error if SEL is empty.
o Support Fujitsu 'get-sel-entry-long-text' in ipmi-oem.
o Fix workaround flags bug in ipmimonitoring.
o Revert 'Open Session Privilege Workaround' changes in 0.8.8, were unnecessary.
o Fix daylight savings bug when configuring BMC times in bmc-device.
o Support 'veryslowcommit' workaround for config tools to work around very slow BMCs.
o Support --enable-rawdumps compile option.
o Support SHA256 in IPMI 2.0.
o Other minor bug fixes.


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