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Unifont 10.0.04 Released

Item posted by Paul Hardy <unifoundry> on Sat 08 Jul 2017 04:26:44 PM UTC.

8 July 2017
Unifont 10.0.04 is now available. This incorporates the experimental changes for combining character positioning introduced in Unifont 10.0.03. It also adds support for double diacritic combining characters, though that portion of Unifont still needs to be validated. That is the main impetus behind this release. This version also extends the unifontpic utility so that it can print Unifont charts of any Unicode plane from 0 through 17, inclusive, not just plane 0.

This release also incorporates double-width glyphs to replace the quadruple-width Chinese ideographs for transliterating Orthodox Church Slavonic. With Unicode Plane 0 now entirely represented with single- and double-width glyphs again, the 256-glyph bitmap image files are now in PNG format again rather than BMP. The PNG files are smaller, but the utilities that produce them have not been modified to support quadruple-width glyphs.

Depending on the results of testing double diacritic marks, there might or might not be a Unifont 10.0.05 release.

Download this release at:

or if that fails,

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