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Release 2.0.2 is out now.

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Fri 12 Feb 2016 01:42:45 PM UTC.

New Features:
    Playback View
        Fully Typeset View
        Click to Play
        Drag to play selection
        Shift-Drag to loop
            Simple Scrolling
            Multiple Scroll Points (tempo changes etc)
        Play from full score while scrolling a part
        Fully-featured MIDI
            Cresc. and Dim.
            Articulations (staccato etc)
            Grace Notes
            Individual Tied Notes in Chords
            Sustain Pedal … more
    LilyPond Export
        One file per part
        Output divided into measure per line
        Measure Number every 10th measure
        All Staffs
        All Movements
    Staff/Voice Editor Improvements
        Navigate to other staffs within editor
        Visibility/editing of clef, key, time signatures
        Guidance for voices typeset on one staff
    Dynamics Lines
        Display on single line
        Distinctive coloring
    Instrument Ranges
        Out-of-range notes colored red
        Easy one-click setting to chord
    Instrument Templates
        Add staffs pre-configured for chosen instrument
        Name, range and transposition included
    Substituting Music
        Replace music of one staff with that of another
        Use, e.g. to typeset Chord Symbols and Fret Diagrams from one set of chords
    Fret Diagrams
        Include pre-defined Mandolin and Ukulele
        Default is guitar
        Include example for 18th c Lute
    Bug Fixes
        Ornament with Accidentals above and/or below fixed

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