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Release 1.1.6 is imminent

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Mon 26 May 2014 09:22:54 AM UTC.

Please test

new features include:

    Lyrics Interface
        Cursor on music moves to match cursor in lyrics
        Jump to any point in the lyrics by mouse or keyboard
        The inactive pane (lyrics or music) clearly indicated by graying-out
    Margins Control
        Set top, bottom, left and right margins in mm.
    Tweaking Typesetting
        Individual notes, chords and rests can be tweaked
        Accidentals and markings move with the note
        Fingerings can be offset
        For use when LilyPond is sub-optimal
    Fret Diagrams
        Chords typeset as fret diagrams
        Defaults to Guitar
        Can be used with Chord Names too
    Comprehensive Musical Symbol Support
        Menu access to the complete set of LilyPond music symbols
        Over 600 types of music glyphs can be placed and dragged on the score
    More Ornamentation Support
    Editing Timer
        Displays time spent creating a score
        Accumulates over all editing sessions

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