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grep-2.13 released [stable]

Item posted by Jim Meyering <meyering> on Wed 04 Jul 2012 03:50:48 PM UTC.

This is to announce grep-2.13, a stable release.

There have been 24 commits by 4 people in the 10 weeks since 2.12.

See the NEWS below for a brief summary.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed!
The following people contributed changes to this release:

  Aharon Robbins (2)
  Jim Meyering (12)
  Paolo Bonzini (3)
  Paul Eggert (7)

Jim [on behalf of the grep maintainers]

Here is the GNU grep home page:

For a summary of changes and contributors, see:;a=shortlog;h=v2.13
or run this command from a git-cloned grep directory:
  git shortlog v2.12..v2.13

To summarize the 163 gnulib-related changes, run these commands
from a git-cloned grep directory:
  git checkout v2.13
  git submodule summary v2.12

Here are the compressed sources and a GPG detached signature[*]:

Use a mirror for higher download bandwidth:

[*] Use a .sig file to verify that the corresponding file (without the
.sig suffix) is intact.  First, be sure to download both the .sig file
and the corresponding tarball.  Then, run a command like this:

  gpg --verify grep-2.13.tar.xz.sig

If that command fails because you don't have the required public key,
then run this command to import it:

  gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 7FD9FCCB000BEEEE

and rerun the 'gpg --verify' command.

This release was bootstrapped with the following tools:
  Autoconf 2.69.7-e8d3
  Automake 1.12a
  Gnulib v0.0-7501-gd8f90ad


* Noteworthy changes in release 2.13 (2012-07-04) [stable]

** Bug fixes

  grep -i, in a multi-byte locale, when matching a line containing a character
  like the UTF-8 Turkish I-with-dot (U+0130) (whose lower-case representation
  occupies fewer bytes), would print an incomplete output line.
  Similarly, with a matched line containing a character (e.g., the Latin
  capital I in a Turkish UTF-8 locale), where the lower-case representation
  occupies more bytes, grep could print garbage.
  [bug introduced in grep-2.6]

  --include and --exclude can again be combined, and again apply to
  the command line, e.g., "grep --include='*.[ch]' --exclude='system.h'
  PATTERN *" again reads all *.c and *.h files except for system.h.
  [bug introduced in grep-2.6]

** New features

  'grep' without -z now treats a sparse file as binary, if it can
  easily determine that the file is sparse.

** Dropped features

  Bootstrapping with Makefile.boot has been broken since grep 2.6,
  and was removed.

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