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GNU/EDMA 0.9.3 Pre-Release is out

Item posted by David Martínez Oliveira <dmartin> on Mon 27 May 2002 04:07:49 AM UTC.

GNU/EDMA 0.9.3 PR is out. This release suppose a full change on the GNU/EDMA API, and an important step to a frozen version of it.

The main changes are:

- Functions have changes its name from 'XXX' to 'edma_XXX'.
- Basic support for NameSpaces. Now, classes can be stored in different directories.
- Basic support for exceptions. Still in early stages.
- Improved On-Demand Inheritance. New inserting facilities. Not fully
developed (anchor point override requires a complete rewrite).
- New inheritance model. Now member are first looked up in the most
concrete class in the main case. Modifiers are provided to change this
- More examples and tests. Some of then can be broken. 'test' directory requires a revision. Examples for IngrIDF and SIU subsystems are provided.
- First version of tutorial docs. They need revision but can be useful for the moment.

The old version are now obsoletes so they have been removed from ftp://ftp.gnu,org. Now, you can download packages from

CVS at Savannah has been updated, and new versions of the graphical tools (GNOME EDMA Class Browser and GNOME IDF Wizard) has been already released.

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