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Liquid War 6 0.0.4beta

Item posted by Christian Mauduit <ufoot> on Fri 19 Sep 2008 09:07:45 PM UTC.

Finally, a new release.

Quoting the NEWS file:

  September 2008: release of 0.0.4beta. The major change is that
  the game now runs on both GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows. Other
  ports for platforms such as *BSD or Mac OS/X are very likely to
  be technically possible, provided all requirements are installed,
  however this has not been tested. The game has been released in a
  temporary state which only allows map loading. The motivation was
  to allow map designers jailed on Microsoft proprietary systems to
  draw maps without the hassle of trying maps on Liquid War 5 or
  relying on the mere hope that it would hopefully work, some day.

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