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GNU Source Installer version 0.5 released

Item posted by Claudio Fontana <sick_soul> on Mon 05 Sep 2005 07:31:08 PM UTC.

I am happy to announce the release of GNU Source Installer version 0.5 .

With this release, sourceinstall moves towards the goal of being a complete source package installer and management tool.

The main improvements from the 0.4 version include a new completely scriptable command line interface. See the manual for a detailed explanation of the invocation syntax, with all actions, options and preferences.

This version also supports more packages by detecting the old INSTALL_ROOT makefile feature as an alias to the autoconf-generated DESTDIR.

It adds a new 'Clean' phase to the process (which occurs when reconfiguring a package for (re)installation). This way configure options are always reflected in the actual installation.

This version also adds package information export functionalities: information can be exported to XML, plaintext and plaintext file list.

DTD for the XML is reachable at

The GUI has also been improved, where some missing accelerators have been finally implemented, the popup menu for the package list has been made sticky, the add dialog has been improved and more.

There is also a very experimental, slow, and maybe pointless binary tarball export function. The exported binaries are simply tarballs containing the relevant files with their owners and permissions.

The release also includes a lot of bug fixes.

For downloads, documentation, information, and basically everything, look at the project home page:

Thanks to all people that submitted bug reports.
However, please send or CC: your reports to, so more people can get help out of your report, and I can avoid working in parallel for people showing the same problem.

For detailed instructions on how to properly report bugs, please read the sourceinstall manual.

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