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Release 1.3.3

Item posted by Joachim Nilsson <joachim> on Tue 29 Jun 2004 10:42:13 PM UTC.

Finally, the last release of qadsl... eh, that is, the last release under the old name. Not too long ago qadsl was dubbed a GNU package and at the same time the new name was decided: GNU Alive.

So, qadsl 1.3.3 is the last release with the name qadsl.

Release 1.3.3 features a whole slew of updates and fixes, but to mention a few from the NEWS file:

   * Forced relogin: If you run "qadsl -l" with an already running daemon that daemon will be signalled to relogin.
   * Socket leak fix: long running qadsl processes forgot to close the active socket when bailing out on error.
   * --long-options: We finally support long options.
   * --status: Reports current status of connection and daemon.
   * Bugfix: the actual login part of the daemon was never invoked on systems where the config file said something like "DAEMON_TYPE=LOGIN", however when set to "PING" the login part was invoked properly.
   * Documentation updates: the TeXinfo documentation was vastly improved.
   * the regular updates and fixes.

Take care!

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