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recipe #125: Markup Reminder

This recipe is obsolete.  Use instead.

Savane provides a markup language that enables you to format text you post in items or items comments. HTML is not allowed for security reasons.

Basic Text Tags

Basic Text Tags are available almost everywhere.

bold markup is:


italic markup is:


URLs are automatically made links, additionally you can give them a title:

[http://linkurl Title]

Also, these texts are made links to tracker items and files:

bug #1419857
sr #4913
support #4913
task #289
file #83521
patch #119
comment #51

Links to attached files whose names end in '.png', '.jpg', '.jpeg' (case insensitive) are converted to HTML images, with possible surrounding parentheses and commas:

(file #47102)

Rich Text Tags

Rich Text Tags are available in comments.

Unnumbered list markup is:

* item 1

* item 2

** item 2 subitem 1
** item 2 subitem 2

Numbered list markup is:

0 item 1
0 item 2

Horizontal ruler markup is:


Verbatim markup (useful for code bits) is:

The piece of code
The piece of code, line 2

Heading Tags

Heading Text Tags are available in rare places like items original submission, news item content, project description and users resume.

First Level heading markup is:

= Title =

Second Level heading markup is:

== Subtitle ==

Third Level heading markup is:

=== Subsubtitle ===

Fourth Level heading markup is:

==== Subsubsubtitle ====

The Special No Markup Tag

If for some reason, you want to completely deactivate the markup on a part of a text, you can always use:

+nomarkup+ Piece of text that will be printed unformatted -nomarkup-

This tag diverges from the verbatim tag in the sense that it will not cause the relevant text to be formatted as it would be in a text editor, a pure verbatim environment, but simply unformatted. As result, for example, text indentation would be ignored because HTML by default ignores it. So to copy/paste bits of code, software output, you are advised to always use the verbatim tag instead.

Last update: Tue 22 Mar 2022 06:46:59 AM UTC

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