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Getting a Copy of the Bazaar Repository

Anonymous read-only access

The Bazaar repositories for projects use separate directories for each branch. You can see the branch names in the repository by pointing a web browser to:

Developer write access (SSH)

bzr branch bzr+ssh://<membername>

More introductory documentation

Check the UsingBzr page at the documentation wiki.

The SSHv2 public key fingerprints for the machine hosting the CVS trees are:

1024 MD5:80:5a:b0:0c:ec:93:66:29:49:7e:04:2b:fd:ba:2c:d5 (RSA)
1024 SHA256:FYkx0iik+iBeCLRzvUyUSTRT98TEBBJoYuQsTXbyGL8 (RSA)

256 MD5:65:b8:1c:2f:82:7c:0e:39:e1:4a:63:f2:13:10:e8:9c (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:qRLLJ4w/GAeiDyYnbx4yWJbZXwGiYYxgNty7lAfUyuM (ECDSA)

256 MD5:14:7b:c8:98:dd:06:08:97:8c:00:9d:d2:ae:85:c8:82 (ED25519)
256 SHA256:o/oI4CKKcWc4cZvDFEdmOXsE3tiPP8bWa04h4bQjtV4 (ED25519)

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