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 #63936 [tbl] rounding when using specific column widths can make text hug vertical rules in nroff mode 2023-03-16
 #63924 man wrapper for system package infinitely recurses Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-03-14
 #63921 [tmac] add Spanish language support Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-03-13
 #63900 configuration report regarding wrapped macro packages seems inaccurate Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-03-09
 #63873 \~ can cause overwritten text 2023-03-06
 #63838 [tbl] doesn't warn if table entry ends with \z escape sequence Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-02-26
 #63837 [grohtml] only the last page of multi-page tables is rendered 2023-02-25
 #63831 src/libs/libxutil/XFontName.c(utoa) conflicts with stdlib.h utoa in non-GNU libc Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-02-23
 #63827 withdraw contrib/pdfmark 2023-02-21
 #63812 Discussion of conditional expressions in docs should mention `.if h` Ready for Merge gbranden 2023-02-17
 #63789 pre-html.cpp: add a space after "nullptr" in a comment 2023-02-11
 #63739 [mm] make nP work more like DWB mm? 2023-02-02
 #63729 [mm] APPSK doesn't skip page numbers as early as it should Confirmed 2023-01-30
 #63695 [mm] omits vertical space after salutation in LT letters 2023-01-23
 #63694 [mm] make Li, Pi, Si registers more flexible 2023-01-23
 #63672 [mdoc] list macros measure "called" width of Bt, Ud Confirmed 2023-01-16
 #63635 [troff] support `hydefault` register or similar 2023-01-09
 #63632 manpages: improve some wording and typesetting 2023-01-08
 #63590 [pdfmark] some spelling mistakes found with "codespell" 2022-12-29
 #63587 [troff] set .R register to maximum representable integer Postponed 2022-12-29
 #63583 [grotty] use terminfo library 2022-12-28
 #63544 [troff] generate more parsable "grout" Postponed 2022-12-17
 #63528 [troff] possibly warn on leaving brace scope when `ie` lacks matching `el` 2022-12-15
 #63470 [troff] `nop` and output line continuation `\c` interact magically 2022-12-05
 #63428 [me] want registers to set initial line length, page length, page offset 2022-11-26
 #63366 groff.texi: clarify handling of special fonts Need Info 2022-11-14
 #63360 kern U+2011 (nonbreaking hyphen) the same as U+2010 (hyphen) 2022-11-14
 #63354 Refine fallbacks.tmac Need Info 2022-11-12
 #63334 \[u....] syntax for ASCII characters handled inconsistently 2022-11-08
 #63332 recent fallbacks.tmac change degrades ASCII output Postponed gbranden 2022-11-07
 #63289 [mdoc] .Bd -unfilled lines run together when .Sm and .No are both also in effect 2022-10-29
 #63254 [refer] use getopt_long to process options 2022-10-22
 #63202 [troff] missing delimiter diagnostics could say what they were expecting 2022-10-12
 #63179 sqrtex and radicalex are really weird glyphs, man Need Info 2022-10-07
 #63176 [me] After column-count changes, -me might place running text on page below footnote Need Info gbranden 2022-10-07
 #63164 [me] long footnote starts on next page unnecessarily 2022-10-05
 #63163 [me] long footnote gets truncated 2022-10-05
 #63159 [ms] bracketing a section heading with a keep can record wrong page # for TOC Postponed 2022-10-05
 #63158 [ms] consider exposing internal register `nh*hl` as `HL` or similar Postponed 2022-10-05
 #63142 [troff] deprecate newlines as escape argument delimiters Postponed 2022-09-30
 #63133 [pdfroff] throws warning on any document if -ww given 2022-09-29
 #63124 [gxditview] want CJK language support 2022-09-28
 #63119 [pic] arc chop fails to chop Confirmed 2022-09-28
 #63116 [eqn] sup and sub render adversarially in nroff mode Confirmed 2022-09-27
 #63099 nroff/troff difference when measuring arguments in compatibility mode 2022-09-24
 #63076 [tmac] add Russian language support Ready for Merge gbranden 2022-09-17
 #63074 [troff] need a way to embed non-Basic Latin glyphs in device control commands Postponed 2022-09-17
 #63042 [PATCH] Enhancement: mdocmx(7) extension to mdoc(7) 2022-09-09
 #63041 [tbl] split off language-reference part of tbl(1) into new tbl(7) Postponed 2022-09-09
 #63029 [ms.ms] page layout suboptimal on A4 paper 2022-09-08

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