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Item ID Summary Status down Assigned to Submitted
 #59930 Apostrophe in Maxima session (bug) Fixed sadhen 2021-01-23
 #36301 Unstable typesetter flip-flops forward references Wont Fix vdhoeven 2012-04-25
 #34276 Tiny font size in minibuffer and in focus toolbar Postponed mdbenito 2011-09-12
 #36780 Does not compile with guile-2.0 Postponed 2012-07-04
 #38386 detecting maxima does not timeout and may freeze Texmacs at startup Postponed vdhoeven 2013-02-23
 #41682 Ignored user actions with tables Postponed vdhoeven 2014-02-24
 #46579 Problem with extents of -- ligature Postponed vdhoeven 2015-12-01
 #47187 make contextual help translatable Postponed vdhoeven 2016-02-18
 #48209 The font pop up menu is too big to click the OK button Postponed mgubi 2016-06-13
 #49719 Incorrect xmacro argument passing causes infloop segv Postponed vdhoeven 2016-11-27
 #54271 Structured sections [was focus-section-menu with hierarchy] Postponed vdhoeven 2018-07-08
 #57755 Fine-grained versioning sometimes outputs block-grained Postponed vdhoeven 2020-02-06
 #59511 Selection feedback does not display properly within \todo Postponed vdhoeven 2020-11-23
 #59515 Nested draw-over environments don't work correctly Postponed vdhoeven 2020-11-23
 #59516 draw-over don't work correctly when used inside centered table Postponed vdhoeven 2020-11-23
 #59961 The label numbers are changing for slide shows with unrolls after exporting to PDF Postponed vdhoeven 2021-01-28
 #60363 Undo and redo corrupt nested itemize tags Postponed vdhoeven 2021-04-09
 #60366 The case of \begin{frame} when importing latex beamer class files Postponed vdhoeven 2021-04-10
 #60386 css stylesheets are not honored when loading / importing html files Postponed vdhoeven 2021-04-13
 #60501 A few common bugs when exporting to LaTeX Postponed vdhoeven 2021-05-02
 #60543 TeXmacs ignores the fontsize setting when converting to LaTeX Postponed vdhoeven 2021-05-07
 #60544 TeXmacs ignores numbering configurations after conversion to LaTeX Postponed vdhoeven 2021-05-07
 #60546 Undefined control sequences after conversion to LaTeX Postponed vdhoeven 2021-05-07
 #60734 Files included from subfolder Postponed vdhoeven 2021-06-05
 #60756 Ampersand in the menu Postponed mgubi 2021-06-09
 #64460 PDF images get lines missing when printed or exported Postponed vdhoeven 2023-07-23
 #64562 xmacro's with arity greater than 64 drop arguments Postponed vdhoeven 2023-08-16
 #63434 Setting a global scripting language preference interferes with executable folds Works For Me vdhoeven 2022-11-28
 #62049 Font change window lack a scroll bar on lower resolutions to confirm the font change Duplicate 2022-02-14
 #7182 Variants for quotients Need Info vdhoeven 2004-01-11
 #28669 Use native printing widget Need Info mdbenito 2010-01-18
 #30133 verbatim and code modes need tradition TAB behaviour Need Info mdbenito 2010-06-15
 #35776 New tag for bugtracker items in the tmweb style Need Info mdbenito 2012-03-09
 #37782 Texmacs stops the logout process Need Info mgubi 2012-11-20
 #56896 size of toolbars changes when expansion screen is used Need Info vdhoeven 2019-09-15
 #57118 Problems with tmml format (problems with image support, etc.) Need Info vdhoeven 2019-10-26
 #58133 Adding to the end of the content an inclusion will result in replacing its content with a self <include|samefile.tm>> Need Info vdhoeven 2020-04-07
 #59090 Input Method Problem when Inputting Chinese and English Mixed Text Need Info vdhoeven 2020-09-10
 #59657 Crash: Use Input Method in the new Live Document dialogue Need Info vdhoeven 2020-12-11
 #59793 Zoom-out inserts Nbhyp hyphen Need Info vdhoeven 2021-01-01
 #59800 several screens Need Info mgubi 2021-01-02
 #61227 Crashes when idle Need Info mgubi 2021-09-26
 #62396 Curved apostrophe (U+2019) in Bibtex converted to straight apostrophe (U+0027) Need Info vdhoeven 2022-05-02
 #62477 Two confirmation dialogues to overwrite a file Need Info vdhoeven 2022-05-16
 #63677 hyperlink URL containing ampersand Need Info vdhoeven 2023-01-17
 #64807 TeXmacs doesn't run on Windows 11 with "very high" power usage Need Info vdhoeven 2023-10-23
 #18783 PDF export of screens and switches In Progress fpoulain 2007-01-15
 #28670 wait widget In Progress mgubi 2010-01-18
 #35836 Remember last window geometry In Progress mdbenito 2012-03-14
 #50241 Segv in tree-pointer destructor In Progress vdhoeven 2017-02-06

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