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Item ID Summary Status Assigned to down Submitted
 #40716 [UPGRADE] format a paragraph as a whole rather than line by line Postponed bgarrigues 2013-11-27
 #59216 Any plans to make new release? In Progress bgarrigues 2020-10-02
 #55108 busgrap: New pre-processor for business charts deri 2018-11-26
 #59933 Curly brackets displayed correctly in ps, but not in pdf Need Info deri 2021-01-23
 #61407 Remove spurious error messages generated by pdf.tmac In Progress deri 2021-11-01
 #24527 [grohtml] equations in .tl misplaced Confirmed gaius 2008-10-11
 #44530 [pic] some dotted/dashed lines come out solid Confirmed gbranden 2015-03-13
 #51072 groff.texi: "Diversions" material from groff_tmac(5) missing Need Info gbranden 2017-05-20
 #52463 anything that talks to standard error should identify itself In Progress gbranden 2017-11-20
 #55300 configure script tells users to look for URW fonts at dead URL and doesn't say why they'd want 'em Need Info gbranden 2018-12-27
 #55475 Segmentation fault in relocatep - groff 1.22.3 Need Info gbranden 2019-01-14
 #56015 [grotty] should handle bullet character more intelligently Need Info gbranden 2019-03-28
 #57506 Erroneous "slant" value in Times italic font(s) for ps device Need Info gbranden 2019-12-30
 #57524 [gpinyin] bad rendering for "ü" and "Ü" with tone marks Postponed gbranden 2020-01-03
 #57538 [me] incorrect computation of space `ne`eded by `(b` blocks Need Info gbranden 2020-01-04
 #57667 refer(1) rehab gbranden 2020-01-26
 #58500 default value for second parameter to .ss should follow modern typographic convention Need Info gbranden 2020-06-05
 #58796 preconv: want option to write traditional [g|t]roff special characters where possible Need Info gbranden 2020-07-21
 #58946 [ms] adapt to use the facilities of pdfmark gbranden 2020-08-13
 #59425 [man, ms, mm]: drop compatibility wrapper feature Postponed gbranden 2020-11-07
 #59442 [PATCH] groff.cpp: move soelim before preconv in constructed pipeline Need Info gbranden 2020-11-10
 #59962 soelim(1) man page uses pic diagram--should it? Need Info gbranden 2021-01-28
 #60061 Narrow scope of groff Texinfo manual In Progress gbranden 2021-02-15
 #60421 grog could recursively open files to infer -s Need Info gbranden 2021-04-20
 #60512 [ms] want AD string to control default adjustment mode Postponed gbranden 2021-05-03
 #60613 configure script should use our BuildFoundries.pl instead of gs -h to locate URW fonts gbranden 2021-05-16
 #60802 [troff] make .substring handle an empty result gbranden 2021-06-20
 #60916 [mm] ms.cov asks for fonts by name, making man page dubious gbranden 2021-07-14
 #60957 adopt terms "scaled width" and "scaling unit" In Progress gbranden 2021-07-21
 #61022 [ms] documention neglects to mention FP macro Need Info gbranden 2021-08-07
 #61052 .version file not updated as aggressively as it should be Need Info gbranden 2021-08-17
 #61100 [troff] do_request(): assertion failed: 'do_old_compatible_flag == -1' Postponed gbranden 2021-09-01
 #61123 make macro package localization more robust gbranden 2021-09-07
 #61379 [tmac] report failure to run tbl when its macros are used gbranden 2021-10-25
 #61958 document all shipped tmac files somewhere In Progress gbranden 2022-01-29
 #62040 [troff] audit mtsm/statem memory usage Confirmed gbranden 2022-02-12
 #62042 [man] want designed, documented CHECKSTYLE feature Postponed gbranden 2022-02-12
 #62471 [tbl] horizontal and vertical rules are drawn too long in nroff mode Postponed gbranden 2022-05-16
 #62541 in-tree documents should make(1) depend on macro files they explicitly use Confirmed gbranden 2022-05-30
 #62926 [mdoc] align rendering parameters with man(7) gbranden 2022-08-20
 #63176 [me] After column-count changes, -me might place running text on page below footnote Need Info gbranden 2022-10-07
 #63332 recent fallbacks.tmac change degrades ASCII output Postponed gbranden 2022-11-07
 #63589 Some spelling mistakes that "codespell" found. In Progress gbranden 2022-12-29
 #63726 contrib/gdiffmk/tests/gdiffmk_tests.sh test fails with diffutils-3.9 (was ok with 3.8) mbianchi 19:44
 #24050 [mm] footnote/end-of-page problem Confirmed 2008-08-12
 #24051 [mm] clean up refer support Confirmed 2008-08-12
 #30024 html mode: columns block fails after tag block Confirmed 2010-06-01
 #40717 [UPGRADE] modernize font support 2013-11-27
 #40720 [UPGRADE] improve Unicode support 2013-11-27
 #40793 [grohtml] inappropriately nests adjacent \s escape sequences Confirmed 2013-12-03

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