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Field Description: Generally high level modules or functionalities of the software (e.g. User interface, Configuration Manager, etc)

Open Items
Savannah trackers - bugs, tasks, etc.12/4626%
Source code repositories - developer access6/4613%
Savannah website14/4630%
Source code repositories - web browsing2/464%
Project mailing lists2/464%
Source code repositories - anonymous access1/462%
Download area - general1/462%
Webpages repositories1/462%
Project webpages2/464%
Download area - anonymous access1/462%


All Items
Arch Repositories37/28571%
Savannah website388/285714%
Project mailing lists438/285715%
Source code repositories - web browsing88/28573%
Download area - developer access80/28573%
Savannah trackers - bugs, tasks, etc.84/28573%
Source code repositories - developer access449/285716%
Savannah mail server109/28574%
Uploads - gnu27/28571%
Project webpages128/28574%
Download area - general30/28571%
Source code repositories - anonymous access40/28571%
Download area - anonymous access36/28571%
Webpages repositories23/28571%


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