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Test translations for useable uniform nature for GNOME Translation Project - Tamil

Category: Tester
Submitted By: ram
Date: Sat 27 Dec 2003 11:00:02 AM UTC
Status: Deleted

This project is part of the GNU Project.

This project will help localise Gnome to Tamil in an organised way.
The end product will be a usable desktop in Tamil.
A cohesive production environment is our goal.
We will strive for the highest quality translations possible as it will be dictated by the number of volunteer participation in various tasks.

What is Gnome?
Gnome is a user friendly desktop environment for X Window System.
Nothing scary just simple well thought out software that has been modelled with the future in mind.
Infact the acronym GNOME (("GNU Network Object Model Environment") should be self explanative.
It is a distributed desktop environment for X Window System and one of the two desktops of the GNU system.
You can learn more about GNOME at

The long awaited support for UTF-8 (Unicode TransFormation to 8-bit characters), and better coordination of project releases enable the new GNOME to support many languages of the world.
Unfortunately this has meant Tamil development had to go through a long delay until Unicode awareness usage is built up within the Tamil community.

Gnome translations are to be a cooperative community effort.
It is hoped that reaching consensus on matters that should empower our community towards standard compliant technolgies like Unicode adoption and UTF-8 tools will be a main priority of the translators too.
We hope to use the system as soon as it is translated if not while translating it.

Also we hope to actively promote the translated system although anyone is free to use it, edit it or promote it. If you feel like you may need to start a sub project do not hesitate to ask.

We hope to continue with localization of other GNU software soon.

What is Tamil and how does it affect our translations?
Tamil is the oldest and one of the two classical languages of India (being the pre-eminent member of the Dravidian Language family).
With such a rich literary tradition spanning over two thousand years tamil has seemingly undergone minimal changes, adaptations or revisions. Ancient text like Thirukkural is a widely quoted example for this aspect of Tamil. At the same time tamil is very much alive and is widely used by about 70 million people most living in the Tamil Nadu. Education in tamil as part of tamil culture is the norm is Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, the traditional heartlands.
Still there is a significant Tamil community in the Malay peninsula (in Singapore it is an official language), Mauritius and Reunion islands.
Further there are enthusiastic and lively Tamil communities spread globally with notable concentrations in Canada, western europe and south africa.

With all this in mind we will simply translate for the locale ta_IN.UTF-8
ie, We will be translate primaritly for the tamils in India to enjoy a UTF-8 system.
The language will be precise and usable by native speakers with an emphasis on helping them become informed users.

All advice, suggestions and help in these aspects of translations are also most welcome.

License GNU General Public License v2 or later

Development Status
: 2 - Pre-Alpha

Details (job description, contact ...):

The main role will be on of quality assurance (QA) -- determine the translations are coherent within a group of software so the end user has experiences with the mildest learning curves.

You will be compiling po files to mo files, set locale and look for the translated strings (all help provided to get a start on this).
As many strings will pop out of the 'inner depths' of software a good knowledge of Gnome and Gtk apps and 'where they are going' will be needed. Please bring ideas into open discussions.

Also enthusiastic participation in improoving a common glossary for all Tamil free software and documentation with appreciation of our unique needs for 'sub locales' will be most helpful.

Required Skills:

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