Recent changes to this wiki:

SavannahHackingIdeas: one more item (importing/exporting bugs)
SavannahHackingIdeas: two more items
SavannahHackingIdeas - minor fixes
HowToBecomeASavannahHacker - markdown syntax fixes
SavannahHackingIdeas - new page
HowToBecomeASavannahHacker - add more information
SavannahInternals: fix spacing for code block
update savannah-internals diagram
update Item [7]: lists updates originate from `internals`,
not from `frontend`.
SavannahInternals: more information
Internals: expand vcs cronjobs information
Internals, DatabaseSchema: minor wiki style improvements
Wrap at 75 chars when possible,
use 4 space indentation instead of "```" for code blocks.
separate vc on frontpage
sigh, can't have space
Internals wording, etc.
more details about savannah internals.
* SavannahInternals: more information
* SavannahDatabaseSchema: new page.
SavannahInternals: add more information
SavannahInternals: new draft
Fix typo in last commit.
Reformat wiki user question into FAQ section with answers.
Fix paragraph formatting.
savannah-hackers-public for non-ff requests
UsingGit: add 'non-fast-fotward commits' section
DNS: expand with entry syntax
tweak text for manual attachment of list to group (just did bug-standards -> gnustandards)
text tweaks
more about ssh debugging
no project removal, only mitigation
Add more to git-svn wiki admin doc
downcasing, wording
rm dup-except-for-case file
SavannahServices: mention admin on ''
no need for repeated "GNU" Savannah, other clarifications
SavannahServices: add '' section
UserAuthentication: add 'fencepost' and 'mgt' sections
small edits, typos, downcasing
New page: User-Authentication
SavannahServices: correct RSYNC/xinet information
Per Bob's comments in:
SavannahServices: add DNS+MySQL info
SavannahServices: imporve hostnames conventions
SavannahServices: remove 'TODO' from SSH on DL.
Authentication mechanism is the same as on VCS:
HowToAdminThisWiki: add 'Running Locally' section
Savannah Services: add 'conventions used' section
Savannah Service: minot updates
Based on comments from Karl:
Savannah Services: added '' information
alphabetize vcs, stubs for other hosts
New page: SavannahServices
web server restarts, rm dead frontpage links, other tweaks
git: mention automation script for additional sub-repositories.
ssh -W preferable to /usr/bin/connect
Update DNS config information.
long lines, some typos
Add Savane-In-A-Box page
Added RunningSavaneLocally page
include debugging info from rwp
trivially reformat
Fix a small typo.
Add more informations about CVSROOT/* file editing
Update "Creating an additional repository" in order to have
consistent repository name example
couple more hints on sv hacking
gitorious source link, fix from Henrique Lengler, savannah-users 25 Jul 2014 15:31:52
more about shell access, sv people update
no web editing
mention /root/bin/mirrors-*.sh names
update for new "allgnu" mirmon instanced,
requested by GNU webmaster Dora Scilipoti,
sv-hackers-private 29 Apr 2014 19:20:46.
tweak svn import recipe, etc.
no project faq now, or in the foreseeable future
request info on new person's background, too
talk about setting up shell access for savannah workers
stuff about and listhelper
mention that this page is for savannah folk, users
should open a support request.
merge InternalMailSystem
somewhat clarify execution, etc.
Add detail about git reference change commits.
Update git notification setup for git_multimail instead of previous.
do not link to globulation2's page any more, some
of those instructions are out of date.
Update preferred method of manually changing email address.
Add identity theft references to ManuallyChangeE-mail.
blank lines before lists
` quoting
more specifics on mirmon processes on, following sv-hackers-private query
16 Feb 2014 18:20:14 -0500, webmasters#891661.
Clarify svn repository permissions and ownership.
Add section about creating a respository using "svnadmin create" and
how to fix up the file ownership and permissions in that case.
Try to improve organization of FrontPage.
Fix too much markdown underscore protection.
Add a FIXME concerning needed updates to the CvSToSvN page.
Updates to cvs2svn process from Riccardo Mottola.
Add note about disabling cvs if converting away from it.
Document how to disable cvs commits.
Update AdminSvnImport notes.
It was disconcerting not to have any feedback from wget when using -nv
for a long time. Avoiding using -nv (--no-verbose) provides feedback
and is friendlier.
It isn't necessary to explicitly chmod g+w the repository files as
that is the default.
Remove protocol from image so that it displays on https page.
An https page should not reference any http content for inline page
display. As security becomes more prevalent more browsers will block
this content.
Update to current git syntax and methods.
Specifying GIT_DIR is no longer needed if cd'd into the directory
now. This simplifies the description quite a bit. Mark the
git-cvsserver section as optional since many projects are now coming
from svn and bzr. Update to current server paths. Other minor
Fix description of multiple hook post-receive handling.
Fixup whitespace before making more edits.
Update Subversion import recipe and docs.
Link to SshAccess.
Add VM testing information.
Hints from Sylvain for what needs to be checked after system upgrades.
This adds features and virtual sites of frontend to test.
Reverse my previous check-in. Add more commentary.
The live web server copy is /usr/src/savane. Confused with the copy
on vcs which is just another copy. Make this distinction more clear.
Minor mailing list doc updates.
IRC is defacto on Freenode not OFTC.
Although both IRC channels are very quiet most months.
Also add minor improvements to IRC documentation.