Recent changes to this wiki:

NotSavannahAdmins: Add GNU section
MailSystem: mention exim4-to-posfix change
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M sviki/MailSystem.mdwn
Typo fix
mention .htaccess
apparently .htaccess allowed now; mail from Brandon to sv-help-public 15 Jun 2016 09:49:33
"hold" copyright, rt#1119602, 16 Jun 2016 11:55:53
More account renaming notes
Karl's hints on account renaming
show setting of newdomain=
mention ACLs for www access to all type=gnu
webpage repositories.
more about non-savannah
NotSavannahAdmins: fix fwe more typos
NotSavannahAdmins: fix ListServer markdown typo
new page: NewSavannahAdmins
Info (and contact info) about FSF-restricted services which
are outside savannah's control.
mention ~list/mailman symlink
mention 4+ length on project identifiers
Various doc improvements
See sr#108870.
Various ssh doc improvements
See sr#109008 and sr#108870.
ssh debug section mistakes, fixes suggested by Benno Schulenberg.
mention curl command to trigger web page updates, and update explanation of cvs-only for web pages
wording, typos
UserAuthentication: mention pubkey checks, project-membership requirement
rm spurious "note"
do not hyphenate e-mail
internal irrelevant here
more on shell access for sv workers
SavannahServices: mention that also handles libreplanet.
Improve commit hook example
Savannah Hacking Ideas: mention Git tasks.
How to turn off git summary notifications
summary accessibility msg from rms<-mallory
CurrentTasks no longer current
accessibility todo, with links to the mailing list discussions
Add git fixing origin section
Howto disable git ui colors
Update documentation.
Git isn't backported regularly these days. Remove the text that text.
ctan support no longer needed, files moved to dl:/root/archive, dns updated
Update license changing docs
Remove Gitorious listing
Gitorious has been acquired by GitHub.
Suggested by Svetlana A. Tkachenko in Savannah sr #108830.
spurious triple /
discourage single-file projects, a la
discuss reactivating a user; other simplifications
Add license change howto
mention rcs/changelog for frontend:apache
link to bob's msg about ssl certs
SavannahHackingIdeas: one more item (importing/exporting bugs)
SavannahHackingIdeas: two more items
SavannahHackingIdeas - minor fixes
HowToBecomeASavannahHacker - markdown syntax fixes
SavannahHackingIdeas - new page
HowToBecomeASavannahHacker - add more information
SavannahInternals: fix spacing for code block
update savannah-internals diagram
update Item [7]: lists updates originate from `internals`,
not from `frontend`.
SavannahInternals: more information
Internals: expand vcs cronjobs information
Internals, DatabaseSchema: minor wiki style improvements
Wrap at 75 chars when possible,
use 4 space indentation instead of "```" for code blocks.
separate vc on frontpage
sigh, can't have space
Internals wording, etc.
more details about savannah internals.
* SavannahInternals: more information
* SavannahDatabaseSchema: new page.
SavannahInternals: add more information
SavannahInternals: new draft
Fix typo in last commit.
Reformat wiki user question into FAQ section with answers.
Fix paragraph formatting.
savannah-hackers-public for non-ff requests
UsingGit: add 'non-fast-fotward commits' section
DNS: expand with entry syntax
tweak text for manual attachment of list to group (just did bug-standards -> gnustandards)
text tweaks
more about ssh debugging
no project removal, only mitigation
Add more to git-svn wiki admin doc
downcasing, wording
rm dup-except-for-case file
SavannahServices: mention admin on ''
no need for repeated "GNU" Savannah, other clarifications
SavannahServices: add '' section
UserAuthentication: add 'fencepost' and 'mgt' sections
small edits, typos, downcasing
New page: User-Authentication
SavannahServices: correct RSYNC/xinet information
Per Bob's comments in:
SavannahServices: add DNS+MySQL info
SavannahServices: imporve hostnames conventions
SavannahServices: remove 'TODO' from SSH on DL.
Authentication mechanism is the same as on VCS:
HowToAdminThisWiki: add 'Running Locally' section
Savannah Services: add 'conventions used' section
Savannah Service: minot updates
Based on comments from Karl:
Savannah Services: added '' information
alphabetize vcs, stubs for other hosts
New page: SavannahServices
web server restarts, rm dead frontpage links, other tweaks
git: mention automation script for additional sub-repositories.
ssh -W preferable to /usr/bin/connect
Update DNS config information.
long lines, some typos
Add Savane-In-A-Box page