Recent changes to this wiki:

SavannahHosts: continuing updates
SavannahHosts: continuing updates
MigrationChecklist: minor update
SavannahHosts: Subsystem updates
SavannahHosts: CVS and SVN updates
SavannahHosts: More updates found during migration.
SavannahHosts: Updates found during migration.
Git: Deprecate cvs server adapter
Git: git-daemon xinetd update
Git: markup language fixup
Git: Add note to update description file.
spurious \
StatusMonitor: add cvs *checkout* mode URLs
DNS: Moved dns master from internal to mgt0
SavannahHosts: mgt0: Document Savannah cron jobs there.
MigrationChecklist: internal0 migration update
HomepageUpload: update web-page update triggering info
StatusMonitor: update cvs,bzr commands
MigrationChecklist: update vcs0 tasks
MigrationChecklist: Remove items not necessary.
mention that a copyright-holder can be a generic, not-legally-extant, identifier; links
MigrationChecklist: mark 'ftpmirror' as done
StatusMonitor: new page
MigrationChecklist: mark completed items
MigrationChecklist: mark completed items
SavannahServices: fix URLs
https: fix wrong path
MigrationChecklist: re-organize items
MigrationChecklist: more items
MigrationChecklist: more items
SavannahHackingIdeas: add more TODO items
BackEndSetup: mention perl sitelib hack
BackEndSetup: minor fixes
BackEndSetup: improve instructions
MigrationChecklist: more tasks.
MigrationChecklist: more tasks
BackEndSetup: new page
SavannahHosts: add items for vcs0
MigrationChecklist: add items for mysql/internal0
MigrationChecklist: mention cronjobs on vcs0
https: Various...
SavannahHosts: More fixmes...
https: Review, edit, update EFF Certbot instructions
Many thanks for Assaf's most excellent documentation.
SavannahHosts: vcs cgit needs
MigrationChecklist: updates
MigratcionChecklist: one more error to fix
HowToAdminThiswiki + others: describe new sviki configuration
sviki updates: trigger another update
sviki installation: another dummy test to trigger update
Sviki: test commit, please ignore
Masquarade domain
MigrationCheclist: mention SSL certificates
MigrationCheckList: mention apache, sviki
MigrationChecklist: add PHP issues
MigrationChecklist: new page
DevelSite,HostRedirection: document the gnu/nongnu redirection mystery
FrontEndNotificationEmails: mention subscribing to the new mailng list
FrontEndNotificationEmails: new page
FrontEndHostRedirection: fix incorrect value
FrontEndHostRedirection: new page about gnu/nongnu host redirection
SavannahHosts: mention read-only MySQL user on internal0
SavannahHosts: list more installed packages on frontend0
FrontEndDebuggingTips: rename wrong extension
FrontPage: add one more page
FrontPage: mention new pages, add some explanations about pages
FrontEndDevelopmentSite: mention email moderation
FrontEndDebuggingTips: new page
FrontEndDevelopmentSite: improve directories names, mention tracker uploads
SavannahHosts: document directories for uploads on frontend
SavannahHosts: mention 'passwdqc' package
The program 'pwqcheck' is used by PHP code during user registration.
FrontEndDevelopmentSite: expand, update directory structure
https: new page about certbot/let's-encrypt setup
FrontEndDevelopmentSite: mention wildcard subdomains
FrontEndDevelopmentSite: change 'foobar' to 'jsmith'
Give better indication this is a person's placeholder name
and not a genetic software/hostname.
FrontEndDevelopmentSite: minor fixes
FrontEndSetup,FrontEndDevelopmentSite: new pages
SavannahHosts: mention one more required package
SavannahHosts: add further readings
HowToAdminThisWiki: fix quote characters
frontend php installation script needs imagemagick
Add hands-off list information
replace broken links to manual et al.; Davin Pearson mail to savannah-register-public, 16 Aug 2016 20:17:46
more on gnu-prog[+discuss] and info-gnu; rm direct link to gnu-prog
Record mailing list wisdom from Karl.
Workaround for Trisquel/Ubuntu boot ordering problem
Munin setup (initial doc)
SavannahHosts nfs option tweaks
Note /etc/cron.d/sv_export cronjob on frontend
Savannah VM dns search path
Continued SavannahHosts development.
Continued SavannahHosts documentation.
Savannah ntp.conf
DNS master zone is on internal
remote wrong mail setup
Continuing SavannahHosts documentation.
yet more tweaks to SavannahHosts documentation.
More tweaks to SavannahHosts documentation.
Remove the broken stats link.
Hopefully get this back working again. But for now remove so it isn't
a 404 Not Found broken link.
Continued documentation development