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Exporting pages

Copy and paste the HTML table source of each listing generated by http://cluestick/wiki/Special:AllPages, except for the Category and File listings (put those in a separate file).

Use regexes to extract page URLs from that text document. Remove the /wiki/ prefix.

Paste those into: http://cluestick/wiki/Special:Export. Download the full page history. Make an xz zip file to store as an archive. Paste the URLs into the same form and download, this time with no revision history. Use this format for extracting page data.

Extracting page data from XML

apt install python3-xmltodict pandoc

Symlink from the XML file (without revision history) as cluestick.xml. Put the following code into a script:

#! /usr/bin/python3

import os
import re
import json
import string
import xmltodict

os.system('mkdir -p ./old-pages ./old-pages-md')

with open('./cluestick.xml') as f:

    parsed = xmltodict.parse(

    wanted_data = parsed['mediawiki']['page']

    for page in wanted_data:

        title = page['title']
        title = re.sub(r' ',  '_', title)
        title = re.sub(r'/',  '_', title)
        title = re.sub(r'\(', '_', title)
        title = re.sub(r'\)', '_', title)


            text = page['revision']['text']['#text']
            text = "Blank Page on Cluestick"

        # fix last line on nico's user page
        if title == "User:Ncesar":
            text = text[:text.rfind('\n')] + "\n</pre>"

        with open('./old-pages/' + title + '.wiki', 'w') as f:

        os.system('pandoc -r mediawiki ./old-pages/' + title + '.wiki -t markdown -o ./old-pages-md/' + title + '.md')

Run the script. It will generage markdown pages, but links will be broken, including special RT ticket number links and links to other wiki pages, given that once imported, they'll start with something like "/cluestick/".

Fixing URLs so they point to other pages under /cluestick.

for x in old-pages-md/* ; do pandoc -r markdown "$x" -t html -o old-pages-html/"$(basename -s .md "$x")".html ; done
for x in old-pages-html/* ; do sed -i -e "s:</a>:\n</a>:g" "$x" ; done
sed -i -e "/wikilink/ s:href=\":href=\"https\://" *

Update links that contain /, (, ) to: _ (There was one error with this command).

grep -ri -E -e "[/()]" page-list > pages-with-special-chars
while read line ; do sed -i "/"$(echo "$line" | sed -e "s:/:\\\\/:")"/ s.$line.$(echo "$line" | sed -e "s:[/()]:_:g")." old-pages-html/* ; done < pages-with-special-chars

Convert back to markdown:

for x in old-pages-html/* ; do pandoc -r html "$x" -t markdown -o old-pages-md-new/"$(basename -s .html "$x")".md ; done

Convert broken code lines, etc to indented code

#! /usr/bin/python3

import os
import re
import json
import string
import xmltodict

os.system('mkdir -p ./old-pages-code-fixed')

for filename in os.listdir('./old-pages-md-new'):

    with open('./old-pages-md-new/' + filename, 'r') as f:

        text = ""
        for line in f.readlines():

            if (line.find('`') == 0) and ((line.rfind('`') == len(line) - 2) \
                    or ((line.rfind('`') == len(line) - 3) and (line.rfind('\\') == len(line) - 2))):

                line = re.sub(r'^`', '', line)
                line = re.sub(r'`(\\)?$', '', line)
                line = "    " + line

            line = re.sub(r'^\\$', '', line)

            if (line.find('  ') == 0 and line[2] != ' '):

                line = re.sub(r'^  ', '    ', line)

            text += line

        with open('./old-pages-code-fixed/' + filename, 'w') as g:


Add header, copy to gluestick repo:

for x in old-pages-code-fixed/* ; do cat header.mdwn "$x" > ~/src/wikis/gluestick/cluestick/"$(basename "$x")" ; done