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Making decisions can be hard.

Research method

Develop pros and cons for each choice and gather consensus.

Coin and Dice toss method

Sometimes the all results are equal and we just need to pick.

If two or more sysadmins need to decide by coin toss or dice rolls we can use python.

All interested parties login to the same server such as vault.


The first person runs tmux.


All others attach to the tmux session.

tmux a

Start interactive python.


Import randrange.

from random import randrange

For a coin toss, enter this line in and wait for a call to be made.

print("Heads!") if randrange(0,2) else print("Tails!")  # Call it.

For more complex issues, it is better for everyone to roll a 20 sided die. The DND and D20 ruleset makes higher rolls win. COC ruleset makes lower rolls win. D20 is the most common, but make sure everyone agrees first. 20 can be replaced another number to represent a different die.

randrange(1, int(20 + 1))

Coin and dice are based on

Quit interactive python.


Exit tmux.


Exit ssh.