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anonymize log ips

if you want to grab an ip addr from a log, hash it with a salt, then insert that back where the ip was, you can use a script like the following.

log format:

... client my-ip-addr#12345 ...


#! /usr/bin/env python3

import re
import sys
import hashlib

for line in sys.stdin:

    match ="(.* client )(.*)(#.*)", line)
    start = match.groups()[0]
    ip_addr = match.groups()[1]
    end = match.groups()[2]

    salted_addr = (ip_addr + " salt: change to some random string...").encode('utf-8')
    hashed_addr = hashlib.sha256(salted_addr).hexdigest()

    #print(ip_addr) # debug
    print(start + hashed_addr + end)

running the script:

./ < input.log | tee output.log